Nikon 85mm f/1.4 sharpness

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Buy_Sell, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Buy_Sell

    frederick Guest

    Oops - look before you post - it's recessed less deeply.
    frederick, Jun 5, 2008
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  2. Buy_Sell

    ASAAR Guest

    What *you* get in no way demonstrates that DBS is so common with a
    large number of different products, so that it shouldn't be
    surprising to appear in Nikon's products. I use a very large number
    of electronic devices, and don't recall *ever* seeing anything like
    it appear, anywhere. The DBS also is reported to occur with bodies
    using AA cells in battery grips - which don't make use of the middle
    signal contact. Lastly, most users having the DBS problem have
    reported that a good (temporary) cure is to clean the lens/body
    electrical contacts. In an emergency a plain, clean cloth helps.
    If the middle battery contact was the main source of the problem,
    these remedies would not be of much use. Here's one example :
    ASAAR, Jun 5, 2008
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  3. Buy_Sell

    frederick Guest

    Doesn't the "good temporary cure" indicate what the problem really is?
    Don't you still need an EnEL3e in the body when loading aa batteries in
    the grip? Yeah - I think I've read that thread - or similar. I do think it's
    related to the center contact, but the threads I've reporting problems
    have many other inconsistent reports as well.
    I'm confident that if there is a real problem, Nikon would fix it. The
    guy who started all this has an interesting story (Jim Fenton?). I
    think you'll find that he claimed ages ago to have had to return several
    D2x cameras before he found one that worked, as well as now reporting
    that the D300s he returned for service that Nikon could find nothing
    wrong with have been replaced. I think he's an attention-seeker - and
    it worked.
    frederick, Jun 5, 2008
  4. Buy_Sell

    ASAAR Guest

    No, almost. It is merely suggestive. But what it suggests is
    *not* that the problem is due to faulty EN-EL3e batteries. The
    problem seems to occur more often in hot weather, and when lenses
    are used that place greater demands on the battery. During current
    peaks, there could a significant voltage drop due to dirty contacts.
    The problem might be less due to reduced voltage than to voltage
    transients playing havoc with susceptible electrical modules
    scattered within the camera and lens system.

    If one was required, your "bad battery" theory might be viable.
    But in fact the camera operates quite nicely when AA batteries are
    in the grip, even when the EN-EL3e is removed from the D300.
    ASAAR, Jun 5, 2008
  5. Buy_Sell

    frederick Guest

    The batteries (at least the old EN EL3) do have a temperature sensor on
    one of the cells. I'd presumed that was for charging. Perhaps the chip
    also shuts the camera off if they get too hot. I had read posts where
    the problem was only reported with long AFS/VR teles.
    I still think there's much more potential for bad contacts causing
    problems with the data contact than the battery terminals.
    Okay - I haven't got (and don't want) an MB D10. I'd assumed that as the
    battery compartment isn't used by the grip, then you leave a battery in
    there, and program the camera to use battery(s) in the grip or body first.
    frederick, Jun 5, 2008
  6. Buy_Sell

    ASAAR Guest

    I doubt that that's what happens, since there would be a delay
    (waiting for the battery to cool) before it would reset and allow
    the camera to operate again. A good number of people with the DBS
    problem report that turning off the camera's power and quickly
    turning it back on allows the camera to operate again - at least for
    a while. Others have replaced the "bad battery" with another fresh
    (and unheated) battery, yet the camera remains non-functional.

    That was *my* point. But if you want to flip-flop to my position,
    you'll get no complaints from me . . . :)

    Yes indeedy, that's one of the D300's menu options. I'd have
    little respect for Nikon (or any other manufacturer) if they
    designed a camera that would refuse to operate from one battery
    unless granted permission by another, equivalent battery. Next
    thing you know, they'd design a camera with multiple card slots that
    wouldn't be able to utilize a card in slot B unless there was also a
    formatted card in slot A. :)
    ASAAR, Jun 5, 2008
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