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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by k, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. k

    k Guest

    "Following the success of our digital line-up over the last seven years,
    which has resulted in more than 95% of Nikon’s UK business being within the
    digital area, Nikon Corporation has made the decision to focus management
    resources on digital cameras in place of film cameras. This decision will
    allow Nikon to continue to develop products that match the demands of an
    increasingly competitive market place.

    Despite this growing competition Nikon Corporation has continued to
    outperform the market, and has recently reported positive financial results
    which saw group net profit climb by 20% in the fiscal first half which ended
    in September. Group sales also increased by 9.8% to 342.85 billion yen in
    the same period. Sales of high end digital SLR cameras and the success of
    products like the D70s and D50 have helped contribute to these positive

    As the film camera market shrinks and the popularity of compact digital
    cameras increases, demand for products that offer advanced features and
    extra value is continuing to grow. High performance digital SLR cameras are
    performing well as users shift from film-based SLR cameras or upgrade from
    compact digital cameras to digital SLR cameras.

    As a result of the new strategy Nikon will discontinue production of all
    lenses for large format cameras and enlarging lenses with sales of these
    products ceasing as soon as they run out of stock. This also applies to most
    of our film camera bodies, interchangeable manual focus lenses and related
    accessories. Although Nikon anticipates that the products will still be in
    retail distribution up to Summer 2006.

    In recognition of Nikon’s commitment to professional photographers we will
    continue to manufacturer and sell the F6, our flagship film model, as well
    as a number of manual interchangeable lenses. Sales of the manual FM10 will
    also continue outside Europe."

    k, Jan 12, 2006
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  2. k

    Dogfart Guest

    Gee, aren't we lucky!
    Dogfart, Jan 14, 2006
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  3. k

    kosh Guest

    continuing the FM2 I can understand... all this does is keep Cosina happy!

    oh... and I can't forget the Seagull !

    the only Nikmon I have ever known where they don't recommend puytting
    it's standard lens on any other nikon!

    kosh, Jan 14, 2006
  4. k

    Noons Guest

    Why not the FM3A instead of the FM10!...
    Noons, Jan 15, 2006
  5. k

    kosh Guest

    probably cause it costs bugger all in comparison.. minimum production
    runs... and simply being able toplace small ad-hoc orders with cosina
    for their POS.

    kosh, Jan 15, 2006
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