Nikon caves. D600 shutter repairs to be offered

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by RichA, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    Did I say that?
    Do learn how to read.
    PeterN, Mar 3, 2014
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  2. RichA

    Guest Guest

    you implied it, because there's no need to convert anything if you
    aren't using i-ttl.

    just about any flash will work in automatic mode (with the sensor on
    the flash) or fully manual.

    the only issue would be high trigger voltage but that would need to be
    a really old flash and a wein safesync is all that's needed in that
    case. no conversion needed.
    Guest, Mar 3, 2014
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  3. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    And, what your point. Look up the age of my old potato masher. Or did I
    forget tht you are the world's preeminent photographer in disguise. Too
    bad I didn't have the benefit of your wisdom when I did those things.
    PeterN, Mar 3, 2014
  4. RichA

    Guest Guest

    what matters is the trigger voltage, not its age.

    you said a metz ct-3. i assume it was a 45ct3 and not one of the other

    the trigger voltage for that is low, not that it matters because nikon
    can handle up to 250v and none of metz's flashes exceed that (and most
    of them aren't even close to it).
    your loss. next time ask.

    i don't give bad advice even if i dislike the individual.
    Guest, Mar 3, 2014
  5. RichA

    Eric Stevens Guest

    what are you talking about?

    photoshop's interface is not obfuscated and it's not the least bit slow.

    it's one of the most optimized apps out there. chris cox is a madman.
    he tweaks the core routines for individual processors in some cases.
    it definitely uses the gpu for more than just display and has for quite
    a few versions.[/QUOTE]

    You have to set it in the preferences.
    Eric Stevens, Mar 4, 2014
  6. RichA

    Tony Cooper Guest

    I don't know this term...for photography, anyway. To me, a "potato
    mashers was a grenade (the “Stielhandgranate 24”) is that the Germans
    used in WWII. It had a hollow wooden handle. Unlike a "pineapple"
    grenade, it wouldn't roll back towards the thrower.

    Vas ist potato masher flash?
    Tony Cooper, Mar 4, 2014
  7. RichA

    Sandman Guest
    Sandman, Mar 4, 2014
  8. RichA

    Tony Cooper Guest

    In the US, that style would probably be described as "documentary
    style". It describes how newspaper photographers shoot, and that is
    probably the source of your "reportage style" term. It's also how we
    describe "street" photography.

    In "street", which I do a lot of, we don't pose the subject; we
    photograph the subject as we find them.
    Tony Cooper, Mar 4, 2014
  9. RichA

    Savageduck Guest

    < >
    < >
    Savageduck, Mar 4, 2014
  10. RichA

    Guest Guest

    in other words, it uses the gpu just like i said, and can be disabled
    if desired.
    Guest, Mar 4, 2014
  11. RichA

    Guest Guest

    handle mount flash.

    the sunpak 622 is the biggest baddest of them all, which uses c cell
    batteries in a removable battery pack (the silver piece), not those
    wimpy aa batteries other flashes use, and has interchangeable flash
    heads, including infrared, a bare bulb and a ring flash.

    metz had a fill flash in some units, a nice extra while the main head
    swiveled and/or bounced

    recent hotshoe flashes have become just as powerful as the handle mount
    flashes of old, so you don't see the handle mount flashes all that much
    Guest, Mar 4, 2014
  12. RichA

    Guest Guest

    That is not as simple as it looks.[/QUOTE]

    it is.
    that's because it's a nikon ttl flash, not an i-ttl flash.

    since ttl won't work on a digital slr that has i-ttl, nikon blocks it.
    there's no point in letting you use something that won't work.

    the way to fix this is make the camera think it's not a nikon ttl flash.

    all that's needed is a generic hotshoe adapter that has 1 center pin,
    not the multiple pins of the nikon connector. put that between the
    actual hotshoe and the flash.

    if you get a wein safesync, you can be certain trigger voltage will not
    be a problem no matter what flash you use, but that's not needed in
    this case.

    then the d700 (or any nikon camera) sees it as a generic flash and it
    will work just fine, but in manual or automatic mode. there is no ttl
    of any kind.

    you can also use a pc cord to connect the flash if there's a pc cord
    connector on the flash. you can also use rf triggers and similar
    get an i-ttl flash if you can. i-ttl is *very* useful.
    basically yes.
    the sb-28 won't fry anything.

    the problem is the same as above, it's a ttl flash, not i-ttl, and
    nikon blocks it because ttl won't work.

    if you get an adapter to make it look like a generic flash, it will
    work just fine.
    Guest, Mar 4, 2014
  13. RichA

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Eric Stevens, Mar 4, 2014
  14. RichA

    Eric Stevens Guest

    For a long time many of them insisted you had to have a 'state' in the
    mailing address. This cut them off from a myriad of overseas would-be
    Eric Stevens, Mar 4, 2014
  15. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    A flash with that shape was called a potato masher
    PeterN, Mar 4, 2014
  16. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    just to clarify. That was not something I said. nospam clipped again.
    PeterN, Mar 4, 2014
  17. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    Like this guy?
    < (1).jpg>
    PeterN, Mar 5, 2014
  18. RichA

    Guest Guest

    i didn't do any clipping. you are once again lying.

    anyone with a clue would realize you didn't say what was quoted, if for
    no other reason, the level of quotes. that's what the quote marks are
    Guest, Mar 5, 2014
  19. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    On 3/4/2014 5:58 PM, Eric Stevens wrote:

    Several years ago I tried to order something by telephone. I reached an
    overseas order clerk. he asked my what state I was in. I replied
    "confusion," and was met with total silence.
    PeterN, Mar 5, 2014
  20. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    Within the US some shipping prices are outrageous. My wife likes Shasta
    soda. It is not available in the East, except ibn hospitals. I tried to
    find a low priced source. With shipping it came to about 1 USD for a six
    ounce can.
    PeterN, Mar 5, 2014
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