Nikon Coolpix 2100

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by b.ingraham, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. b.ingraham

    b.ingraham Guest

    Two questions about my wife's Nikon Coolpix 2100:

    1) Battery life seems to be measured in hours. She has tried both off
    the shelf Ni-Cads and the "Coolpix" rechargeable batteries that came
    with the camera, but they frequently fail while she is shooting even a
    few photographs, and if the camera sits for any length of time the
    batteries die. Can anyone comment on their own experience? Any

    2) Assuming that there is nothing wrong with this particular camera,
    what kind of trade-in or re-sale value does it have?

    b.ingraham, Jan 2, 2006
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  2. b.ingraham

    b.ingraham Guest

    Sorry, they weren't Ni-Cads, but Lithium batteries.

    b.ingraham, Jan 2, 2006
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  3. b.ingraham

    pboch Guest

    Rechargeable lose power from non use... I'd not use toss out batteries..You
    can pop to much voltage....Just carry spare in-very
    little...Perhaps...30 bucks...

    Spring in 2 weeks! more or less...
    pboch, Jan 3, 2006
  4. b.ingraham

    Robert Green Guest

    anyone comment on their own experience? Any
    I own one and it has the worst battery life of any digital camera I have
    tried. To use it, I bought some 2500MaH NiMH rechargeables and a four cell
    charger. I always keep at least two batteries fully charged and put a
    little battery case on the strap to hold two more. Typical AA NiCads have a
    much lower capacity (1/2 or less) and aren't suitable for the camera. I can
    look up the exact make and model of the Ultra batteries and charger I use.
    You can find the at

    I've found that if you let fully charged NiMH 2500MaH batteries sit for even
    a week, the camera won't work. The 2100 is apparently set to shutdown once
    the voltage drops below a certain point. Batteries that won't power the
    camera (charged, but sitting unused for a week) will easily power other,
    non-voltage sensitive devices like flashlights for a long time. My
    conclusion is that hot batteries fresh out of the charger have a higher
    voltage than those that have sat for a week.

    It makes you wonder whether the designers of this equipment actually use the
    stuff in the real world. As for retail value, check E-bay. There are
    usually hundreds of Coolpix camera for sale - that will give you some sense
    of what people are willing to pay for a used 2100.
    Robert Green, Jan 4, 2006
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