Nikon Coolpix 5700 or Nikon D100

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, May 12, 2004.

  1. I have purchaed a Nikon Coolpix 5700 (hasn't arrived yet--about a week
    away), as I'm tired of the limitations of a point & shoot model the 2MP
    Coolpix 775. That model's fine for everyday "snapshot" crap but surely not
    for any photo outings I may do.

    Well not being able to pony up $1000 for a D70--as great a camera as it
    surely is--I went for the 5700. Paid not quite $500 for it. Now already I'm
    seeing as maybe I could've got a D100; occurs to me maybe you could get one
    cheaper since the D70 arrived, and unlike say the D1 (not the D1x) or Canon
    D30 or Fuji S1 it's still current enough to not be ridiculously out of date.

    Well thing is, I do have a Nikon N80 which I love to pieces but in my case I
    think "going digital" is probably the thing for me. I use computers a lot,
    have 3 of them ranging from 350 MHz to 1.8 Gigahertz in power, the latter of
    which also has a 160 gigabyte hard drive, a photo printer, and a DVD+RW
    device--and has Nikon software and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 installed. (For the
    record, I do also have a perfectly-working Kodak slide projector; I shoot
    95%+ slides with the N80.)

    I make my living in the computer realm anyway--photography is a hobby not a
    career by any means--and on one hand yeah something like the 5700 or even a
    4500 (or something like the Olympus C-4000) could be enough for "hobby
    usage," yet I'm spoiled by the N80's quick reflexes and the way you can
    access things like flash compensation, AF mode etc with direct controls as
    opposed to menus--and wonder how I'd fare with an "all-in-one" design vs a
    D-SLR--even with a top-end all-in-one like the 5700.

    So I'm thinking--rather than having a 5700 and an N80--maybe in my case it
    would be better to sell the N80 and if I can get a good $750 or so price for
    a D100 body (I have 3 Nikon G-lenses already--plus a hotshoe flash & filters
    etc) then if I were to sell the 5700 and N80 then I'd be left with the D100
    all by itself and that might be better in my case. I've noticed that N80's
    are going for around $200 body only--I paid $280 for mine last year--and
    5700's are going for close to $450. That would give me $650 if I "sell out,"
    and if D100's are going for $800 I'd only be $150 away from one. (Yes I'd
    only be $350 from a D70, but I have to draw the line somewhere.)

    See--while no doubt the 5700's photo quality seems to be
    professional-caliber and surely well above Coolpix 775 territory I'm
    thinking--if the N80 ends up sitting in the closet while I use the 5700
    about 95% of the time (which I am honestly projecting as the likely scenario
    even though I LOVE the N80 and good old-fashioned slides) then wouldn't it
    better to sell the 5700 for $450, sell the N80 for $200 on eBay--then I'd
    only be $150 or so shy from having a D100 to replace both of them if one
    shows up on eBay at or near the $750 pricepoint.

    The compactness of the 5700 would be kind of cool, as well as the
    all-in-oneness and the live-preview of the LCD--but I'm thinking the quicker
    responsiveness of the D100 vs the 5700 would be more of an advantage.
    Perhaps the D100 would do better blowups as well once you get in the 11x14
    range. Besides, I already have 28-300 mm of zoom coverage with my N80 and of
    course the D100 would inherit it also.

    Then again, I'm thinking--just stay with the 5700 for a couple of years or
    so, then sell it & the N80 out when the D70's replacement comes in a couple
    of years or so. But wouldn't by then the N80 and 5700 be less valuable and
    thus if I'm pondering all of this wouldn't it be better to "sell out" now
    while both are still highly desired on the market?

    Tips? I do apologize if I'm all over the map here.
    Larry R Harrison Jr, May 12, 2004
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