Nikon Coolpix Shutter Button Stuck/Jammed

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by p.b., Jun 29, 2005.

  1. p.b.

    p.b. Guest

    I have had a Nikon CoolPix 885 3.2MP digital camera for 3 years and it has
    been a pretty good camera and has been used a lot. I believe when I bought
    it, it was a fairly new model at the time and I paid about $499 for it.
    Today you can get cameras with more MP for a lot less but anyway.

    The last time I took a picture with this camera, the shutter button jammed
    down and won't release, so after that pic, the camera won't take any more
    pics because the button is stuck down and won't come back up. I know it is
    stuck down rather than won't depress because when I turn the camera off and
    then back on, it will snap a picture- but only 1- because the button is
    down. I can't zoom or take any pictures other than that.

    I asked a local camera shop for a repair estimate and they said they send it
    off and it would cost between $100-200 and take at least 2 weeks up to 2
    months. I have sent Nikon an email asking how much a direct repair will cost
    but I have heard it's costly too....and takes that much time. For that
    amount of money I should just get a new camera but I don't have that much
    extra money to throw around at the moment.

    Is there a chance I can fix this myself, or somehow "unjam" the button? When
    the camera button first started "sticking" I was able to jiggle it gently
    and get it to work. There doesn't seem to be anything stuck in there causing
    it to jam...has anyone else epxerienced this or know of a solution? A friend
    wants to take the camera apart and see about unsticking the button but I
    won't let him. fearing it will do MORE damage to something else. I have
    searched the Internet all over and can't find a solution, or even info that
    this is a common problem, but am really looking to see if it is possible to
    fix it- is there a way to jiggle the button to get it to un-stick, etc?

    p.b., Jun 29, 2005
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