Nikon D1x help required please :))))

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rfc, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. rfc

    rfc Guest

    Hi All

    First an introduction - I am an Amateur Photographer coming from an
    F3/T and 55mm MicroNikkor + 135/2 Background - used these lenses and
    the camera extensively over the years and they are works of art. Many
    happy memories of trundling through woodland with my camera and
    carrying on backpacking trips. The F3/T was a standard I have yet to
    see surpassed in a manual SLR  (well the FM2 (esp. the T) came close)

    But now I have a problem and maybe people here can help me - any
    advice greatly appreciated - I was almost in tears today!!!

    Having saved up and purchased a used D1x I had the misfortune to have
    the strap slip off (yes I know I should have checked) and the body (no
    lens attached) hit the concrete floor from around 4 feet.
    I heard an almighty "thud" as it hit the concrete, bounced and lay
    still. At this time I can't tell you how bad I felt.

    Anyhow it had dislodged the focusing screen (it came right out and was
    resting above the mirror) and it was cosmetically the worse for wear
    (the eyepiece surround is a little bit bent and a few scratches here
    and there, all on the back).

    The GOOD I replaced the screen back into the D1x and powered on. *EVERYTHING*
    worked. I ran around 200 shots from "b" thru 1/16000 and all seemed
    well. Pictures seem perfect - focusing is smooth and fast.
    Are these machines built like tanks? Was I just *really* lucky?

    The BAD I'm worried it might fail at anytime (am I being reasonable here?) - I
    called Nikon (Moscow, Russia where I work but I'm a Brit) and they
    have a service center here that will do a clean up and check (not sure
    of right terminology here) - they said they don't keep cosmetic parts
    in stock (not warrantied) but they do have the electronics (as they
    use them on in-warranty D1's).

    What should I do? Would an overhaul be expensive from Nikon? Do they
    just take the machine apart test clean and put it together again???
    What Nikon options do I have?

    Any response greatly appreciated.

    One damned good thing though is that it WORKED! If a D1x can survive
    that - what can't it survive? :) My total respect once again to Nikon.
    rfc, Jul 15, 2004
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  2. Since your camera is rather new, I would assume that it has no need of a,
    "CLA". (clean, lube & adjust) Since they do not replace "cosmetic" parts
    under the warrantee, I would just keep it and use it. There is no sense in
    paying Nikon to go over it when you already know that everything works, and
    there is nothing they can do to improve its outside appearance. Spend your
    money on getting a good strap well attached, so nothing like this happens to
    you again in the future.
    William Graham, Jul 15, 2004
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  3. rfc

    Dave Head Guest

    Are you going to use it in such a mode that if it fails unexpectedly, you're
    going to lose 1000's of dollars? You said you're an amateur, so I expect not.

    Since its used, you're probably not looking at a sitaution where the warranty
    runs out and _then_ it fails so that what might have been a free repair would
    be $1000 instead.

    And... if it isn't exhibiting symptoms, and you send it in, the camera tech is
    probably _not_ going to find a problem either. Usually, you have to have a
    piece of electronics "acting up" to actually fix it.

    I'd keep using it, quit worrying, and if it fails, then send it in. Meanwhile,

    Dave Head
    Dave Head, Jul 15, 2004
  4. rfc

    Thomas Guest

    One damned good thing though is that it WORKED! If a D1x can survive
    Ha... I dropped my old 301 from the top of a 15 foot ladder onto concrete
    and all it needed was a new focusing screen.
    Thomas, Jul 15, 2004
  5. Hi rfc

    This is the time to 'hope' you paid by a flexible friend rather than hard

    If you did pay by plastic and if your plastic company "insures" purchases
    over a particular value and if you are still in the "insurance" period -
    well then, you may be in luck.

    This is one of the advantages plastic purchases have over hard currency

    Of course, you may seek to insure your camera and all you need to do is to
    wait for the nearest trawl on this thread :)

    Oh - you will need to contact your plastic company if it is valid in this

    Arte Phacting, Jul 16, 2004
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