Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Corey Flanders, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Can someone please translate this into English? TIA!
    Corey Flanders, Jul 19, 2003
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  2. Here's what Bable came up with:

    The "secrecy" Nikon will not have resisted to the Net surfers a long time:
    well before the official presentation, of the photographs circulate already
    on the Net... here! Nikon D2H will be presented on next 22 July. The
    apparatus was already presented at tens of stores and everyone knows the
    characteristics of them... but it is interdict to speak about it! Not having
    a very marked taste for an open secret and refusing berner our Readers to
    give pleasure with an industrialist reserving early product of information
    for its very pretty site, we chose to officially relay the infos which
    circulate under the coat. Here thus some nuggets glanées on Internet and
    settings at your disposal so that you do not have to seek them elsewhere...
    The true face of the D2H:
    Corey Flanders, Jul 19, 2003
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  3. And here's what Babel came up with (for

    First glances on Nikon D2H Officially presented on July 22, Nikon D2H
    already was presented in tens of stores and was shown to salesmen who
    promised anything to say? but which did not always hold word! And they are
    included/understood: what good is it, indeed, to yield to the whims of
    japonnais and to hide what everyone knows? Images of the D2H circulate on
    Internet. Rather than to imply it in a hypocritical way and to let to you
    seek them, Chasseur of Images gathered in this document. Thank you with our
    invaluable advisors and good discovery! Here, initially, an interesting
    glance on the case itself. It is noted that its filiation with the D1H is
    obvious but that the apparatus nevertheless evolved/moved. The back, in
    particular, is very complete...

    One discovers there an oversize screen, the double-screen for the parameters
    of catch of sights, the selector of beach AF (we will see that the D2H has a
    page of ultra-broad measurement AF... thanks to the particular provision of
    the 11 beaches of reference... and one sees the Wifi transmitter very
    clearly, materialized by an additional case screwed under the sole of the
    apparatus, a such booster rocket. The sight is also full with discovered:
    the 11 beaches of reference are clearly seen there: 9 in cross and two
    verticals, laterally. One also discovers barded infos the user will have, in
    more of this broad central zone...

    Objectives One knew already the 12-24, to come here: - the 10,5 f/2,8
    (attention, it is not a great angle... but a fish-eye!); - the true zoom pro
    trans-standard: the 17-55 f/2,8 constant (!); - the télézoom 200-400
    constant AF-S VR f/4 (equivalent of one 300-600 f/4 in 24x36!). A beautiful
    panoply, especially developed for the small sensors Nikon and one crowned
    snap with the system Olympus 4/3 which, between the option 24x36 Gun and the
    option "cuts APS" of Nikon will have well evil to find a justification!

    The flash It for a long time was awaited, Nikon leaves finally a system
    complete and professional flash. Based on a SB-800, it will especially make
    it possible to use distant flashs, without cord, by individually managing
    the preponderance of each one of them! Price & times The grouped shooting of
    Nikon, in full middle of the summer, will make the effect of a pretty
    fireworks: new case, new objectives, new flash... those which awaited the
    alarm clock of Nikon thus will be satisfied. The questions which arise now
    relate to the prices and the deadlines. On this point, we are clear do not
    have official information: just assumptions. Moreover, Nikon was always a
    large specialist in the tariffs with multiple drawers and the prices of
    which we had echo do not specify the exact composition of the kit. Lastly,
    the availability of these products is rather remote and one can thus think
    that Nikon will have any leisure to readjust them? in particular when Canon
    cuts down its new charts for the winter 2003.

    For the moment, it would seem that the price of the D2H is at the
    neighbourhoods of 3.900 euros... but we do not know if this tariff will
    include the accumulators nor the associated software. DH2 will be, in its
    initial version, delivered with "Viewer" simplified, but one will be able
    also to supplement it by software of image processing (derivative of current
    Nikon Capture), which would be sold separately around 300 euros, but could
    also be delivered in kit with the module of remote communication.

    As for the deadlines, it seems established that the D2H will not be
    available before very long weeks: some specimens will circulate in August
    for the championships of the world of athletics, of the testable models will
    be in circulation in September, but it will undoubtedly be necessary to wait
    until November for the first models available. Lower price for D100 By then,
    Nikon will have to continue to fight against Canon with D-100,

    Corey Flanders, Jul 19, 2003
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