Nikon D2X Prices

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by GParks, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. GParks

    GParks Guest

    There was a previous thread about the wide variety of prices advertised
    for the Nikon D2X-- ranging from about $2000 to the listed retail price
    of $4999. That thread devolved into an argument about Nikon vs Sigma
    with no useful answers.

    I'd like some real information about these discount sites please. Anyone
    buy from or investigate them? What did you get? USA Warranty? Can you
    get service on the camera from an authorized provider in the US? Any
    hidden charges (like shipping, battery not included, etc?)

    GParks, Jun 14, 2005
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  2. GParks

    Jeremy Nixon Guest

    Stay away. They suck you in with a low price looking to rip you off.
    If you want the camera, just go to B&H or another reputable dealer and
    pay the $5k. At least you'll get the camera (and no hassle).
    Jeremy Nixon, Jun 14, 2005
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  3. GParks

    leo Guest

    This camera is too hot to have any significate discounts.
    leo, Jun 14, 2005
  4. Those I've found that discounts the D2X has all been shameless bait &
    switch operations. You'll never be able to buy it from them at the
    advertised price. Either you pay a premium for all the overpriced
    "accessories" they insist you buy - and end up with paying /more than/
    $5000,- for the lot, or you refuse the hard sell and suddenly find
    that the D2X is no longer in stock.

    If you believe that this is too broad, save yourself a lot of grief
    and check out the discounter you are about to order from at this
    website: before giving them your
    credit card number.
    Gisle Hannemyr, Jun 14, 2005
  5. Forget it. For now, the D2x is selling for $5000 at all reputable
    stores. The best you can do is 1-3% off due to affiliate discounts, plus
    any CC points.

    Wait until all the early adopters have purchased, and the supply is
    greater, then the price will start coming down.
    Steven M. Scharf, Jun 14, 2005
  6. GParks

    Father Kodak Guest

    How many months from now? before Christmas? post-Christmas sales?
    when Nikon announces the "D2x killer?" never?
    Father Kodak, Jun 15, 2005
  7. GParks

    Darrell Guest

    Prices seldom go down on limited production items like the D2X until a
    replacement is released.
    Darrell, Jun 15, 2005
  8. GParks

    Oscar Guest

    One of the responders answered your question appropriately. And think
    about the age old saying - "it sounds too good to be true." You can read
    the negative experiences and reviews at several web sites about these
    "discount" retailers. Go to the retailer's website and you will find
    accessories way over priced, as well as the shipping cost...and from
    personal experience if you don't buy the accessories you will never get
    your camera.

    "Experience is the best teacher."
    Oscar, Jun 15, 2005
  9. GParks

    RichA Guest

    If I were the buyer, I'd settle for a Nikon D70 and stop whining
    because I can't afford the $5k. Make do with the D70 until the
    price on the D2x drops.
    RichA, Jun 15, 2005
  10. GParks

    Father Kodak Guest

    Who is whining? Not me! I'm just like the next guy, trying to get
    the best price for a somewhat expensive doodad that is not connected
    with my job. No different than a really fast PC or a spiffy car, or

    Actually for me, the "make do" is Kodachrome with an N90s or a
    motorized F2.

    Father Kodak, Jun 15, 2005
  11. GParks

    Father Kodak Guest

    Exactly what a sales person at my local photo store told me just this
    afternoon. The "replacement" will probably also cost about US $5,000,
    and will make the D2x look like last year's model. So everyone will
    now want the new model, so dealers will need to clear out the old
    model. Just like with cars.
    Father Kodak, Jun 15, 2005
  12. GParks

    Doug Guest

    I bought a camera from one of these a couple of years ago and had a good
    experience. I think it was broadway camera. They did try to sell some accessories, but
    in my experience, all retailers try to sell accessories at the close. I declined the
    accessories. The camera came with a zerox copy of the manual, not the original
    printed manual. I was happy to save a couple of hundred bucks for a manual on plain
    paper instead of glossy paper. It was probably gray market, but so what? The camera
    was fine and still works well today. I was plesaed with the discount.

    Doug, Jun 29, 2005
  13. If the camera ever breaks, I think you will find that Nikon USA won't repair
    it, not even if you're willing to pay.
    Andrew Koenig, Jun 30, 2005
  14. GParks

    Andrew Haley Guest

    Why should that bother anyone? Here in the UK we have an outfit who
    repair cameras called Fixation, and everyone who deals with them knows
    they're better than manufacturer support. Indeed, the technicians
    working there used to work for the manufacturer doing the exact same
    jobs. Surely there is an equivalent firm in the USA?

    Andrew Haley, Jun 30, 2005
  15. I believe Nikon keeps tight control over repair parts for their digital
    SLRs, and independent agencies can get parts only after they prove that they
    are not using them to repair gray-market cameras.
    Andrew Koenig, Jun 30, 2005
  16. GParks

    Ryadia Guest

    That's a pretty hollow argument.
    Any self respecting company setting up to repair anything will have
    secured their parts source. Air freight from Tokyo to London is only a
    couple of days.

    Ryadia, Jul 1, 2005
  17. GParks

    Scharf-DCA Guest

    Not that I know of. There are many independent authorized repair
    centers for Nikon and Canon (some doing both brands), but they don't do
    all products from these manufacturers. Also, in the U.S. anyway, Nikon
    keeps tight control over replacement parts, because they don't want to
    enable the repair of Nikon cameras that were imported through any
    channel other than the official one. However the independent repair
    places are pretty good about working around this issue.
    Scharf-DCA, Jul 2, 2005
  18. GParks

    Father Kodak Guest


    I just looked at completed sales for D2X bodies. Ignoring the non-new
    cameras and the flakes, I found that for about four grand even you
    can get a D2x with either no warranty or international warranty. If
    you live in the USA, one is as good as the other.

    If you want a USA warranty from a store that claims to be an
    authorized Nikon dealer, that will cost you about 4300 - 4400 clams.
    So for an extra four C-notes, you get your USA warranty. Worth it? I
    think so.

    Note that a number of stores are now doing "Buy It Now" offers on ebay
    for 4400 - 4500 smackers. So pfui on the guys still charging list.

    F. Kodak
    Father Kodak, Jul 3, 2005
  19. I must say that it totally and utterly foolish to buy a camera body on eBay
    from anyone except cametaauctions. I would never dream of ever buying a
    digital camera off of eBay due to the extremely high fraud rate on this type
    of item. Yes, I'm an eBay seller and I see and know the trends.

    Personally, I would rather shell out the extra four C-notes and get what I
    paid for. Also, a local camera shop near me is selling them at $4995.95 +
    Tax and he can't keep them in stock. There's something to be said about
    having peace of mind when you hand someone $5,000.

    Rita Ä Berkowitz, Jul 3, 2005
  20. GParks

    Father Kodak Guest

    Agree. Cameta Auctions is the one selling at around 4500. So we
    Can you give some examples? e.g. sellers? There is a whole other
    kind of fraud, which is stores with Google Adwords windows off erring
    a D2X at 2300-2800 or so. Rather than repeat the gory details, I
    recommend that people considering such deals go to and get suitably warned off.
    Rita, I recognize you from some of the storage newsgroups. I know
    that you are a highly reputable person, so I trust your statements.
    For someone living in an 8% sales tax state, the difference between a
    local store and Cameta could be almost 1000, too much to stomach.l

    Abba Kodak
    Father Kodak, Jul 3, 2005
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