Nikon D300 and Lexar 8GB and 16GB Compact Flash (CF) Cards

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Ken Stahl, May 7, 2008.

  1. Ken Stahl

    Ken Stahl Guest

    Can anyone comment on the suitability of the Lexar 8GB and 16GB CF cards for
    use with the Nikon D300 camera? This camera appears to be quite a memory
    pig, especially with the 70 - 200 f2.8 Nikor lens.?
    Ken Stahl, May 7, 2008
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  2. Ken Stahl

    me Guest

    How does the lens directly make a difference.? It's really a function of
    subject for all but uncompressed 14 bit raw.
    me, May 7, 2008
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  3. Ken Stahl

    Yoshi Guest

    I fail to see what effect the lens would have on the camera's use of
    memory. Selection of RAW or compressed jpgs, image size...etc. But lens?
    Yoshi, May 7, 2008
  4. Ken Stahl

    Don Wiss Guest

    Any size CF card will work fine in any camera that takes CF cards.

    Don <> (e-mail link at page bottoms).
    Don Wiss, May 8, 2008
  5. Ken Stahl

    C J Campbell Guest

    It is especially a problem when shooting whales with the 70-20 f/2.8
    lens. We went whale watching with this lens and every photo was more
    than 2 gigabytes. Even the 5x7 prints weighed more than 100 lbs apiece.
    C J Campbell, May 8, 2008
  6. Ken Stahl

    Paul Furman Guest


    It is true that a sharper lens makes larger jpeg files.

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, May 8, 2008
  7. Well, of course. I took a few landscape shots in Sequoia National Park
    and it rook four people to lift the D200 back into the car.
    Tully Albrecht, May 8, 2008
  8. Ken Stahl

    Cynicor Guest

    I'm having problems with my 70-20 lens, by the way. It seems that the
    more I zoom in, the smaller the subject gets.
    Cynicor, May 8, 2008
  9. Ken Stahl

    C J Campbell Guest

    No wonder my lens has been acting funny ever since it came back from
    Nikon's service center!
    C J Campbell, May 8, 2008
  10. I don't use "lol" because I rarely laugh aloud. Your reply has created an
    exception: lol. :)
    Blinky the Shark, May 8, 2008
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