Nikon D40 vs D40x

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by someguy469, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. someguy469

    someguy469 Guest

    Got a Nikon D40 about 2 weeks ago from Amazon.I went with the D40
    (6.1megapixel) and not the D40x (10.2 megapixel) because I used the $200
    savings on a flash. BTW the camera is great and able to print 81/2 x 11
    prints very crisp.
    Now Amazon is selling the D40 x for $115 more that what I paid for the
    D40. I love the camera but am wondering if I should return it for the D40x
    now that it's only $115 more. I did do quite a bit of reading on the
    cameras and am aware of the higher noise on the x at high ISO. But I do find
    myself cropping on occasion. I also read about the flash sync difference.
    Any thoughts? TIA
    someguy469, Dec 19, 2007
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  2. someguy469

    ASAAR Guest

    If you can swing it, the D40x would make a pretty good backup
    camera. If you're at all serious about photography, duplicate
    equipment makes for good insurance, and the second body would be
    more useful than just as an emergency backup, since it would also
    allow you to choose the body for the specific occasion (lower noise
    or higher resolution), and if something malfunctions, could help
    determine if it's due to camera or a lens. Most people don't really
    *need* a backup battery, but it's nice to have one. If you have two
    bodies, one shared backup battery might well suffice for both
    cameras. You'd also end up with a backup battery charger. Hang
    both from a strap 'round your neck and you might easily be mistaken
    for either a nerd or a pro! <g> FWIW, at a time when the D40, D40x
    the soon to be discontinued D50 (6mp) were all being sold, I chose
    to get a D50. Had there been one, I'd have also purchased a D50x.
    ASAAR, Dec 20, 2007
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