Nikon D70 + 28-80mm AF-G or Canon EOS 300D + 18-55mm

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Emre Tuvay, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Emre Tuvay

    Emre Tuvay Guest

    In Holland,
    I) Canon EOS 300D + 18-55mm EF-S Canon costs 980 Euro and
    II) Nikon D70 + 28-80mm AF-G Nikkor lens costs 1084 Euro.

    And Nikon D70 18-70mm DX costs (1269 Euro) which is way over my bugget.

    Can some one help me to choose between I) and II). Has any one any
    experience with these camera + lenses?

    Emre Tuvay, Apr 22, 2004
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  2. Emre Tuvay

    Lung Fish Guest

    Do you have any Canon or Nikon lenses or bodies already?
    Lung Fish, Apr 22, 2004
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  3. Hello Emre,

    I've bought D70 with the 18-70mm DX lens and I am very happy with it.
    One of the reasons why I've taken this one is because I have a Nikon F65
    and I can use these lenses (28-80 AF-G and 70-300 AF-G) on the D70 as
    The reason I have taken the DX lens is because of the crop factor of 1.5
    which makes the 28-80 behave like a 42-120mm lens and the 70-300 like a
    105-450. (the DX behaves like a 27-105mm on the D70)
    And I really like to have a wide angle...

    So be aware that if you take the kit with the 28-80 you don't have a
    wide angle lens...

    I don't have any experience with the Canon EOS 300D though, so I can't
    give you a real comparison, I can only tell you that I like the D70 very
    much ;-)


    Yves Deweerdt, Apr 22, 2004
  4. Emre Tuvay

    gsum Guest

    If you already have Canon, buy Canon else buy Nikon. There isn't
    a gnat's whisker between them. The 28-80mm Nikon lens isn't wide
    enough for general purposes though. Have you considered the

    gsum, Apr 22, 2004
  5. Emre Tuvay

    Emre Tuvay Guest

    No, I do not have any bodies or lenses from Canon or Nikon.
    I have an old Minolta Maxxum 7000i SLR camera. But unfortunately, I
    think Minolta is way behind in digital SLR area...
    Emre Tuvay, Apr 22, 2004
  6. Emre Tuvay

    Lung Fish Guest

    What will you be shooting? Landscapes, sports, nature/animals, etc.?
    The D70 is a better body feature-wise, and Nikon has great lens and flash

    The DX18-70mm lens is fantastic, but can't be shared with any Nikon film
    bodies that you may get as well. Also, if you don't buy it in the kit
    and want it later, it will certainly cost you quite a bit more.

    Check out the lens offerings and make sure that Nikon or Canon has what
    you forsee yourself wanting in the future. All things being equal,
    though, the D70 has trumped the 300D.

    I considered the 300D a few months ago, but decided to wait and see what
    the D70 would be like. I wound up with the D70 and have had it for a
    month; I am very pleased with it.
    Lung Fish, Apr 22, 2004
  7. Since you have no Canon or Nikon equipment, you're free to choose which one
    is the best without bias associated with trying to stay in the same family
    so to speak.

    That said, the D70 is considered better than the Canon. Not higher in
    picture quality, but in features like flash compensation. Both do get high
    reviews, though.

    Speaking of reviews, these links may help you:

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Apr 22, 2004
  8. Emre Tuvay

    NightStar Guest


    I'm glad you put those details down - I too have a F65 with two lenses
    (A Nikkor G lens 28-80 and an older type (Not too old) 80-200 lens)
    and was wondering what the benefit would be with the DX lens - Thanks
    for that.

    NightStar, May 13, 2004
  9. Emre Tuvay

    NightStar Guest

    Although I'm annoyed that in Holland you can get the camera plus the
    DX lens for the same price as the camera and G lens in the UK (About
    £850.00!) - Must look around the internet for cheap UK deals.
    NightStar, May 14, 2004
  10. Yep, in Holland they are cheaper than in Belgium too... I've paid mine
    wit the DX lens 1391 euro, which is about 927 pounds I believe...

    Why don't you try searching in Germany, I think it is even cheaper there ;-)
    Yves Deweerdt, May 14, 2004
  11. Emre Tuvay

    NightStar Guest

    Ah - That's a thought! And it's handy as my fiencee is half German,
    so I might be able to get her Mother (German born and raised) to get
    me the item over from Germany!?

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    NightStar, May 15, 2004
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