Nikon D70 / Nikon D70s

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by wavy~dave, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. wavy~dave

    wavy~dave Guest

    I notice there's an updated version of the Nikon D70 on the market,
    the Nikon D70s. A slightly larger viewfinder and a few other
    differences. Nikon D70 owners can get a firmware update for their
    cameras, but most of you probably know that.

    Trolls: let's not get into another film/digital debate, please. My
    fingers are still sore from killfilling the last lot.
    wavy~dave, Apr 26, 2005
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  2. I admit I'm easily confused, but Nikon really makes me dizzy. Upgrades to
    the D70 (s) and D1X (s?), a new D50, and a bunch of 6-7 mp coolpix.... yet
    to compete with Canon's 1Ds Mk II (at least in the megapixel wars).
    I continue to fight the lure of the Digital Side ("Use Levels, Luke!!"),
    trying to stick with my N80.

    analog film + scanner to digitize = dSLR?

    I'd like to see an honest shootout (so to speak) between film and digital to
    where each shines -- dMax, resolution, contrast, scalability, etc.
    If we want to share our photos, eventually they will be digitized.
    Oops, I better killfile myse
    Larry CdeBaca, Apr 27, 2005
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  3. wavy~dave

    wavy~dave Guest

    lol, Larry, nothing wrong with an intelligent posting on the
    film/digital issue. Nikon does make it confusing, don't they? I was
    just on their site and the D70 is only a couple of hundred bucks
    cheaper than a D100, so is a D100 worth the extra cash? Who knows.

    The Canons look nice too, but I prefer Nikon lenses over Canon
    personally, that's why I'm leaning more towards Nikon. But an EOS20
    looks pretty damn nice too, I must admit.

    I'm interested in commercial/advertising photography, so a digital
    camera is practically a must because of the needs of the industry.
    wavy~dave, Apr 27, 2005
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