Nikon D70 problem

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Craigers, May 20, 2005.

  1. Craigers

    Craigers Guest

    After 25+ years of using Canon gear, and coveting Nikon, I made the
    pricy plunge and bought a new D70 in March of '04. In March of '05 The
    camera suddenly stopped working. I thought it was a low battery, so I
    put it in the charger.

    When I returned the battery the camera didn't work- nothing happens, the
    display was blank. However, the green led light on the back next to the
    mem card blinked, the only sign of life.

    I called Nikon warranty service, and they had me reset it, to no avail.
    I removed the mem card and lens, and sent it off to Nikon Service in

    I got a repair estimate of $281!

    They claim the cause is a bent pin in the memory card slot, and
    therefore it is not covered under warranty. Why? They say (on the phone,
    not in the 'estimate) it could have only have happened due to user


    I have put the memory card in once, when I bought it, and taken it out
    right before I sent it to service. Did I remove it in between? perhaps
    but I don't recall, and certainly not in recent memory. I thought my
    problem was a battery malfuction.

    BTW, this isn't my first digital camera (first SLPR though)- and I am
    not ham-fisted or hasty when working with digital devices. My wife will
    testify to the fact that I treated this camera very tenderly- I was
    absolutely in love with it! But now I have some doubts as to it's
    durability- and that, after it is fixed, this will happen again.

    I thought this must be an engineering fault- and having searched the web
    learned this is actually quite common (Google: D70 bent pin). Some
    people have had their cameras fixed at no charge (these seem to be on
    the east coast primarily). Is it something that Nikon should have to own
    up to? I think so. Anybody think I am wrong?

    I tried to contact the service manager in Torrance- and her phone is on
    immediate voice mail pick up (the 'tech' said she was there) and while I
    did leave a message, this person hasn't called me back 48 hours later.

    Calling Nikon Warrranty, they suggest I write a letter to the "Service
    Manager' (no name) in New York. OK, it's offical- I am getting the run-
    around and Nikon appears to be in full stonewall mode.

    I've been without it for a month, and looks like it will be some time
    before I get it back.

    At this point, I have no confidence in this camera, or Nikon, and start
    to feel like no longer even want it- this experience has totally spoiled
    my enjoyment of the camera. But I will have to have it repaired in order
    to sell it (and I paid far more since it was just introduced). I believe
    Nikon should cover this under warranty, and trying to make my case with
    the Nikon bods, but my appeal is falling on deaf ears.

    I wonder if the changes recently introduced on the D70 include something
    to this preceived flaw to the memory card?

    That's my vent, thanks for reading, any constructive criticism will be
    Craigers, May 20, 2005
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  2. So, how exactly would you bend just the one pin..? [OT] Sony gave people
    the run-around when the PS2 first came out and it didn't play DVDs very
    well; it seems like a common stalling / brush-off technique for large
    corporations who don't want to admit to being merely human and therefore
    prone to the occasional error / oversight / fuckup* delete as applicable

    Don't give in to them - the fuckers!

    Craig Marston, May 20, 2005
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  3. Craigers

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Not much to say except that I agree with you, and this is an example of poor
    customer service.

    Oh, and that's what you get for coveting Nikon when you're already using the
    best. ;)
    Mike Kohary, May 20, 2005
  4. Craigers

    Kitt Guest

    Well, I did as you suggested and for a Google of "nikon d70, bent pin,
    cf card" I got 86 hits. If somebody can help me with a statistic, I
    would appreciate the help, but from what I can glean, the total number
    of D70's sold is well over a million. It doesn't sound to me like
    there is any large number of failures due to bent memory card pins, but
    maybe you found more than I did or know something I don't. The other
    thing that I would point out that I can attest to from personal
    experience is my own D70. I use a card reader and I have removed and
    reinserted a variety of memory cards on an almost daily basis for five
    months and I've had absolutely no problem. I also haunt the usual
    photo web sites and can say I haven't seen many complaints about this
    problem. One question I would ask you is if you have children in the
    house that may have been fooling with it?

    Now, having defended the camera, I will say that Nikon sounds like they
    aren't facing your problem at all and that's just stupid on their part.
    They should at least put you through to the top dog who can tell you
    to your face that they feel you are at fault or offer to go halfway or
    outright fix it for free. That would be customer service. Having had
    more than my share of problems with Dell and HP/Compaq, I well tell you
    this. Get a portable phone and hook a headset up to it. Call every
    toll free number they have and stay on until you get the satisfaction
    of a straight answer while you play Doom III or edit photos or whatever
    you want to do. I have spent over ten hours on the phone in pursuit of
    justice on various occasions and it has served me well. I've gotten
    large discounts, free shipping, free repairs and had my 1 gig Duron
    laptop replaced with a wireless 2.4 gig P4 with a new three year
    warranty. They eventually give in to get rid of you if you have a
    righteous claim. It works for me, YMMV.
    Kitt, May 20, 2005
  5. Craigers

    McLeod Guest

    How do you bend just one pin? I see it almost everyday. People don't
    bother to take a quick look at the little holes in the CF cards to
    make sure they haven't filled up with grains of sand, pocket lint,
    trash and then insert that card on their camera.
    McLeod, May 20, 2005
  6. Craigers

    Guest Guest

    Over a million, how many know how to vent their anger on the internet? If an
    item is not providing you with the service for which it was intended then it
    should be covered by the warranty. I imagine a film camera that had a broken
    spool because you put a film in it. That would be covered.
    Guest, May 20, 2005
  7. Craigers

    Owamanga Guest

    OTOH, 86 hits doesn't correspond to 86 unique events. This thread
    alone brings another five into the count, at the very least.
    Agreed, Nikon aren't being fair. Nobody would purposefully bend a pin,
    and it happens so infrequently that they should just take care of it.
    Owamanga, May 20, 2005
  8. Considering that this is a high end digital camera, there is a very good
    chance that very many of them can vent this information on the Internet.
    Especially with the recent popularity of blogs and online forums.

    Still, don't you think it unlikely that a "bent pin" would be a
    manufacturer defect when it seems to show itself months in or more?
    Anything is possible, but it seems to me most likely caused by foreign
    matter inserted with the card or inserting a damaged card.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, May 20, 2005
  9. Craigers

    Guest Guest

    The guides may be badly designed
    Guest, May 20, 2005
  10. Craigers

    Tom Ellliott Guest

    One pin?? could be possible for the slot is on an angle and not straight in
    as one would expect. I really don't know if it possible and I am surely not
    going to do a test on my D70. I am just very carefull not to force any
    hardware. If there is any resistance with any of my hardware, I stop and
    start over with what ever process I was doing VERY SLOWLY AND GENTLY.
    Case in point: One of my Nikons, the FM2 I think, has a PLASTIC part of the
    film back latch so that if one is a rush IT WILL BREAK. It cost about $75 to
    fix at an authorized repair shop here in Miami. Now when I do use that film
    camera I am sure to take my time closing the back, making sure all is in
    alinement AND I do not force it.
    As to what is the "best" digital ..... well ..... actually it is the nut
    behind the wheel that makes all the diffence in the world. Hardware wars,
    IMHO, are nonsense and I avoid them.
    Tom Ellliott, May 21, 2005
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