Nikon D700

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by RLL, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. RLL

    RLL Guest

    Am considering the Nikon D700. Any early comments?


    - Russ
    RLL, Jul 29, 2008
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  2. RLL

    tony cooper Guest

    I saw one last night at the camera club meeting. A full-frame entry
    in the camera market. The camera store owner who brought the camera
    commented that the obvious gap in numbering and the jump up to "700"
    convinces him that Nikon will offer additional full-frame models at
    more affordable prices.

    What impressed me more than the camera was the new flash. I didn't
    catch the number, but it has a focussable beam.

    He's selling the 700 with a 24/120 at $3,000. Another (I think it
    was) $500 for the flash.
    tony cooper, Jul 29, 2008
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  3. RLL

    Akiralx Guest

    Looks excellent - not much bigger than a D300 but with 95% of the D3
    capabilities, and all of the image quality. That means outstanding high
    ISO, up to usable 25600.

    You may enjoy this, D300 + 17-55 v D700 + 24-70:
    Akiralx, Jul 30, 2008
  4. Hi
    Also interested in the D700. Have a D300, D200 and D70, all using DX lenses.
    Not sure about this, but have heard D3 reverts to some horrible
    configuration when a DX (rather than FX) lense is fitted.

    Is this true?

    If so, then a lot of upgraders need to consider upgrading a lot of glass

    Joe Fitzpatrick, Jul 31, 2008
  5. RLL

    Burgerman Guest

    It reverts to DX mode (so you keep the telephoto advantage) but at a
    miserable 5 megapixels.

    So yes its pointless. You not only need a D700 but a couple of expensive
    wide and telephoto lenses too. Adds about 2 thousand pounds to the bill.
    I am also in this position too.
    And I get to lose the use of the extremely useful 18-200 VR as well!

    But I have to do it...
    Have you seen the difference in both noise and sharpness over a D300?

    D300 and wide and telephoto zooms are for sale...
    And my 18-200 is exeptionally sharp (compared to 3 others now) its a made in
    japan one too...
    Burgerman, Jul 31, 2008
  6. RLL

    Frank Arthur Guest

    What will you do if the D800 comes out? Your D700 will probably be a
    big dissapointment.
    Frank Arthur, Jul 31, 2008
  7. RLL

    Burgerman Guest

    I would probably buy one. Why not if its better? My D300 is well over a year
    old and about 7k shots. And its paid for itself many times over.
    Burgerman, Jul 31, 2008
  8. RLL

    Paul Furman Guest

    Yeah but it's optional, at least on the D3. Perhaps not on the D700?
    It depends what lenses you have, full frame is generally easier to get
    wide angle. A 20mm f/2.8 AF looks like 13mm on DX and is a nice
    affordable compact lens. For long telephoto shooting, full frame is
    going to cost a lot more and a DX body makes more sense.

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Jul 31, 2008
  9. RLL

    tony cooper Guest

    According to a camera store owner - and Nikon dealer - in this area,
    he expects Nikon to come out with something between the D300 and the
    D700 that is a bit less pricey. Most of the features, but costs cut
    tony cooper, Aug 1, 2008
  10. RLL

    Peter Guest

    It's optional on the D700 too.

    As for the "telephoto" effect, that is a misnomer. If you put a 300 lens on
    a DX box, you get the magnification of a 450, but not the compression. It
    seems to me that since the resolution of the new sensors approach the
    resolution of the glass, one can use the image magnification algorithm in
    the processing program to obtain the same effect.

    One of my friends is using his 12-24 and 10.5 on his 700, with the DX option
    turned off. and the rectlinear correction in Capture. He claims to have some
    interesting WA effects, even after adjusting for the difference in image
    size on the sensor. I will probably get to see them in about 2 -3 weeks.
    See my above comment.
    Peter, Aug 1, 2008
  11. RLL

    Paul Furman Guest

    Ah, nice. I'm on the verge of getting one, grasping for excuses to put
    it off.

    I'm pretty sure it's identical other than lens resolution and depth of

    I'm looking forward to that almost full circular fisheye view from the
    10.5. And I'll finally get benefit from my (seemed like a stupid idea
    for the last few years) Sigma 12-24 with full frame coverage which will
    give a DX equivalent of 7.92mm rectilinear view on FX :) I have a dozen
    or so lenses and only the 10.5 is DX so it should be fun.

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Aug 1, 2008
  12. RLL

    Peter Guest

    Yeah I thought the Sigma was a stupid idea and got the Nikon 12-24 about a
    year ago.

    I was in B&H the other day, they were almost giving away D200s.
    Peter, Aug 1, 2008
  13. Hi and thanks for the confirmation about using DX lenses.
    I haven't seen the difference between the D700 and D300 for noise. I found
    the improvement re noise between the D300 and D200 amazing. Noise is a real
    issue for me as a wedding photographer, but can't justify £6000-£7000
    investment against increased competition, lower prices and now the credit
    crunch tempting brides to use a friend with a point and shoot!

    But please hack me off and tell me how wonderfully the D700 has practically
    no noise at 7,000,000 ISO!
    Joe Fitzpatrick, Aug 1, 2008
    Joe Fitzpatrick, Aug 1, 2008
  15. RLL

    Burgerman Guest

    Just check out the D3 pics.

    I had a D200 and the D300 as it was less noisey. The D3 and D700 are a mile
    ahead. Forget about noise its usable at very high ISOs without issue.
    Burgerman, Aug 1, 2008
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