Nikon D70s and Metz flash

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by AlexE, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. AlexE

    AlexE Guest


    Anyone know if Metz MZ 4i works with Nikon D70s? Metz says it does but
    does it really?

    AlexE, Mar 2, 2006
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  2. AlexE

    ben brugman Guest

    Nikon tels me that you should not use a Metz on a Nikon.

    Metz told me that a 40MZ-3i with a SCA 3401 would not
    work on a D70.

    I used my 40MZ-3i on my Nikon D70 with a SCA 3401 M5.
    And it does work.
    (TTL does not work, A does work, M does work).
    (Settings have to be done by hand, Iso, Aperature, Zoom)

    I did compare the results with the SB800 from Nikon and I
    must say that within the limited circumstances I used both,
    the Metz (A) did as wel as the SB800 (full automatic iTTL).

    From my correspondense with Metz :
    The mentioned digital-camera Nikon D70s only possess of the
    i-TTL-flash-control and not of the standard-TTL-flash-control anymore.
    Therefore for automatic-flash-mode in connection with this camera a
    flash gun with "i-TTL" will be necessary. Presently we offer for this
    purpose the flash guns mecablitz 28 AF-3N, 44 AF-4iN, 54 AF-1N and 54
    MZ-4iN (incl. adaptor SCA 3402 ex. version M3).

    I did try my combination, and it worked, far better than expected.
    So although some combinations are not recommended they still
    can work. But do not put a flash with a high voltage connector on
    a modern camera, because that can damage your camera.
    My flash was low voltage so I just tried.

    I am not familiar with a Metz MZ 4i.
    Maybe it works completely.
    Maybe only certain settings work.
    Maybe it doesn't work at all.
    Maybe it does damage your camera.

    Good luck,
    Ben Brugman
    ben brugman, Mar 2, 2006
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  3. AlexE

    AlexE Guest

    Well I checked around and ordered a Nikon SB600 instead. All these
    flashes are a couple of hundred $ (or ยค) so it better work. At least the
    SB600 should!
    AlexE, Mar 2, 2006
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