Nikon D70S (Newbie)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Bob Mckenzie, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Bob Mckenzie

    Bob Mckenzie Guest

    Does anyone own a Nikon D70 or D70S please? If so I have just bought a D70S
    and I am embarrassed to say that I cannot seem to display the number of
    remaining exposures. I'm using a SDCFX Extreme III 2 Gb Sandisk card which
    produces excellent photos but, try as I might, I am unable to view the
    exposures remaining.

    Any advice gratefully received.


    Bob McKenzie
    Bob Mckenzie, Oct 5, 2005
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  2. Bob Mckenzie

    Mike Warren Guest

    It's displayed in the bottom right corner of the top LCD. It is the only
    thing displayed when the camera is switched off.

    Mike Warren, Oct 5, 2005
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  3. Bob Mckenzie

    Joe Makowiec Guest

    Not many...
    Mike Warren's answer was right on the mark; however, to some extent it
    depends on how you have the camera set up. If you're set to take low-
    resolution small jpgs, the 2 gig card will hold about a gazillion
    images[1], so the display shows "thousands, rounded down to the near
    est hundred"[1]. So your display may be showing only a few digits.

    [1] According to my D70 manual, p45: JPEG Basic, Small image size, a
    256M card will hold 950 images, so a 2G card will hold about 7600.
    Joe Makowiec, Oct 5, 2005
  4. Bob Mckenzie

    Bob Mckenzie Guest

    Thank you both. In answer to Mike the top display shows 1.1K when switched
    off and to Joe, I accept that the number may well be circa 7600 but it does
    seem odd that nothing shows up in the display area. I was expecting to see a
    countdown of sorts.

    Even a message saying 'We will inform you when you're getting low' would
    help :)

    Very helpful and thanks again for the prompt response.



    Bob Mckenzie, Oct 5, 2005
  5. It says right on top of the camera ... even when the camera is off.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Oct 5, 2005
  6. Bob Mckenzie

    Joe Makowiec Guest

    So whatever combination of image size and image quality you're set for,
    the camera estimates that the card will hold 1100 pictures. It's
    rounded to the nearest 100, so it won't budge with only taking a few

    Run off a couple hundred images, to get the number remaining below
    1000, and you'll see three digits in the counter, and they'll count
    down.[1] If the D70s is like the D70, the count also displays in the
    lower right of the finder.

    [1] My camera is set to take JPEG+RAW. On a 1 gig card, the initial
    estimate is 87 images. Due to compression, the actual capacity of the
    card is about 150 images. So the count actually goes down by 1 for
    every 2 pictures or so that I take.
    Joe Makowiec, Oct 5, 2005
  7. You must not have upgraded your firmware to the 2.0 version. They
    corrected the image count. I see 178 when set to just RAW using a 1GB
    card. I can't imaging RAW+JPEG would drop below 155.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Oct 5, 2005
  8. Bob Mckenzie

    Joe Makowiec Guest

    I tried the upgrade a couple of times, but it errors out. Tried
    emailing Nikon and searching the knowledge base, but no joy. Since the
    camera still does pretty much what I want, the way I want, I haven't
    been in a big rush to figure out why.
    Joe Makowiec, Oct 5, 2005
  9. Did you use a freshly formatted card and put the A firmware image in the
    root first. Upgrade. Format. Put the B image in the root. Upgrade.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Oct 5, 2005
  10. Bob Mckenzie

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    I would have expected that for a simple reason. The subject
    header says that we are talking about a D70s. The 2.0 firmware upgrade
    was intended to bring the firmware in a D70 (not "s") up to the same
    level as that being released with the D70s. Since you are trying to
    install firmware for a D70 into a D70s which has firmware already at
    that same level (I'm not sure whether the hardware differences between
    the D70 and the D70s would require a different firmware. Check what
    version is already installed. I don't know whether the D70s has the
    same sequence as the D70 (thus skipping over the versions prior to the
    2.0 which was the level at which the D70s was introduced.)

    However -- on the off chance that the camera in the Subject:
    header is not yours (I see that there have been quite a few articles in
    the thread before this one, but they have apparently expired from my
    news server, so I can't see them) and you really have a D70, not a D70s,
    let's check a couple of other things:

    1) How are you trying to install the firmware? It has to be copied
    to the topmost level on the CF card, not to the subdirectory in
    which the images are saved.

    2) And it *must* be a CF card -- *not* a micro-drive. They warn
    about that on the web page where you download the firmware

    3) I'm not sure whether it matters, but I have always upgraded
    the 'A' half of the firmware before the 'B' half. And I've
    always only put one section of the firmware at a time on the CF
    card from which I have been upgrading. (I use an old 8MB one
    which came with my original Coolpix 950. It is too small for
    much of anything else. :)

    4) They suggest that the camera must be powered from an AC
    adaptor, but in reality, a freshly-charged battery pack is quite
    adequate. If you are low on battery, there is a chance that it
    will run out of charge before the firmware update is completed,
    leaving you between versions. This *might* need a trip to the
    dealer service to fix it.
    I certainly got a change in my displayed flash card capacity
    when I upgraded to the 2.0 firmware. I wish that I had gotten a similar
    improvement in accuracy with the estimates for the JPEGs (medium/fine
    setting is my usual one when not using RAW).

    DoN. Nichols, Oct 5, 2005
  11. The poster who indicated where to look for the remaining image count has
    a D70, not a D70s. It is him that I addressed upgrading to the 2.0.0
    firmware. It is very clear from his posts on his observations of his
    camera that he does not have the firmware upgrade.
    Or just read the README file.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, Oct 6, 2005
  12. Bob Mckenzie

    Joe Makowiec Guest

    Yup. Numerous times. Several cards. Freshly charged batteries.
    Transfer using cable straight to the camera, transfer using a PCCard card

    The camera recognizes the upgrade, starts the process, but then errors
    out. I was able to do the 1.x upgrade, so the camera is clearly
    Joe Makowiec, Oct 6, 2005
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