Nikon D80 Images Not Seen by PCs

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Larry Bohen, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Larry Bohen

    Larry Bohen Guest

    I bought a D80 several months ago and have several hundred photos on the SD
    card. I have tried several methods of transferring the photos to my PC, but
    so far have been unsuccessful. Unfortunately, being a novice, perhaps naive
    buyers, I ended up purchasing what I now find out is a gray market camera. I
    don't know if this has anything to do with the problem or not.

    I have a PC with XP Pro with Photoshop and Elements.

    I have tried the following with the USB set to Mass Storage:

    1. Elements sees my D80, but no images. I get a message that there is no WIA
    2. PhotoShop CS3 sees my D80, but no images. I get a message that there is
    no WIA device.

    I took my D80 to Staples recently and the tech was able to see the images.

    I have tried my D80 with two different USB cables and in two different USB
    ports on my primary PC.

    I tried to view the images on another PC with XP Pro in our office and got
    the same results as above.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Larry Bohen, Aug 17, 2007
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  2. Larry Bohen

    phk Guest

    You perhaps need a "driver" for your camera, but I'm not sure where to
    get it - actually, there might be one on the CD you should have gotten
    with the camera. You might be able to use the Windows installer to
    find and install the driver. In fact, you should have received
    software with your purchase that enables you not only to see, but also
    to transfer the pictures.

    If the gray market supplier didn't provide any of that, you might try
    purchasing a SD card reader from a computer shop. Those usually come
    with installable drivers that will allow you to read the card.
    phk, Aug 17, 2007
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  3. Just get a simple SD card reader for your computer. Much easier than
    fiddling around with special drivers or that funky mini USB cable or similar

    Jürgen Exner, Aug 17, 2007
  4. Larry Bohen

    ASAAR Guest

    No, it doesn't. Gray market cameras aren't designed differently.
    They're just not sold in the originally intended market location.

    WIA == Windows Imaging Architecture. There's a problem with your
    Windows installation, not with the camera.

    Which only shows that the computer used by Staples doesn't have a
    problem with its Windows installation. It could be that XP Pro has
    a problem that regular XP doesn't, or that the XP Pro installation
    didn't fully install all (or the right mix) of the WIA components.

    While it would be better to solve your computer's WIA problem,
    you'll probably be better off if you simply put the D80's SD card in
    a card reader, as has already been suggested. Most XP computers
    already have one built-in. If not, you can get an inexpensive SD
    card reader that plugs into a USB port. If your SD card is one of
    the newer SDHC types, make sure to get a compatible reader. My one
    year old computer's built-in card reader can only deal with standard
    SD cards. I don't know if this diagnostic utility from HP will help
    or not, but you might want to try it :
    ASAAR, Aug 17, 2007
  5. Larry Bohen

    Paul Furman Guest

    I strongly agree.
    This is the best solution by far.
    Paul Furman, Aug 18, 2007
  6. Larry Bohen

    mike vore Guest

    I had a sort of similar happening with my D-50 on vacation. I'd been dumping
    my SD card (with a SD reader) to my laptop daily. Then one day the laptop
    would not recognize and mount the SD card. It also wouldn't recognize the
    camera using the USB cable - but the camera reported that it was in USB mode.

    That was with Ubuntu. So I rebooted into W2k - same thing.

    But both OSs could see, read and write to my other SD card.

    But the camera saw the pictures. My conclusion was that it wasn't a driver
    problem. But probably a bad format on the card and that the D-50 didn't have
    an OS with a real robust card reader, but rather something just barely able to
    read/write what little was needed without advanced error checking.

    At home I tried with the 'big iron', No problem. Offloaded the images then
    reformatted (with Ubuntu) the SD card. So far no more problems.

    Try a different computer.
    mike vore, Aug 18, 2007
  7. Larry Bohen

    Don Wiss Guest

    This is the only way to go. Look around for a cheap one. You should be able
    to pick one up for $10 or so.

    I see the OP is in a rural state. Knowing there is a Staples I looked at
    their site. Their cheapest is $20.

    Here's one for $7 plus $5 shipping:

    Don <> (e-mail link at page bottoms).
    Don Wiss, Aug 18, 2007
  8. Larry Bohen

    N Guest

    By all means get a card reader, but make sure it's one that can read SDHC as
    the next cards you buy for the camera will probably be SDHC.
    N, Aug 18, 2007
  9. Larry Bohen

    Don Wiss Guest

    And if the OP's next camera has a different format card they can at that
    time buy another card reader.

    Some years back there was a fellow on that always argued
    to spend $80 on a multi-card reader instead of $30 for one that only
    handled compact flash. Prices then came down. USB then become a much faster
    version 2.0. Spending more on a reader back then would have been a waste of

    Don <> (e-mail link at home page bottom).
    Don Wiss, Aug 18, 2007
  10. Larry Bohen

    N Guest

    SDHC readers come bundled with some of the cards :)
    N, Aug 18, 2007
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