Nikon D80 vs D60

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by cocob, May 6, 2008.

  1. And they aren't going to upgrade DXO to incorporate new models? That
    would be a surprising omission in an expensive program which claims to
    be a professional level product.
    Chris Malcolm, May 8, 2008
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  2. So you're saying that the Chevette was never intended to replace the
    Corvette? I think you are onto something here.
    Tully Albrecht, May 8, 2008
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  3. cocob

    Jason Guest

    This must be a forgery as there is no PGP signature.
    Jason, May 8, 2008
  4. cocob

    newsmb Guest

    Here in Canada the price difference between the D80 and the D60 is
    only about $180.

    I say get the D80, because the lack of an AF motor on the D40/D40x/D60
    is a serious drawback as far as I'm concerned. Your choice of lenses
    will be severely limited.
    newsmb, May 8, 2008
  5. ... unless you are buying from new, and don't have a bagful of lenses
    already. Then it's not quite so bad....

    David J Taylor, May 8, 2008
  6. cocob

    newsmb Guest

    It's still pretty bad.

    On the one hand, yes, between the new 16-85mm VR and the 70-300mm VR
    you can cover every focal length you are likely to need with just two
    lenses. For that matter you can just get the 18-200 and it should be

    On the other hand, one of the most basic techniques in photography is
    to stop up to f/2 or wider in order to isolate your subject from the
    background. At this point there are not a lot of AF-S lenses that let
    you do that.
    newsmb, May 8, 2008
  7. I'm not so much guessing as understanding; I have one. ;)
    Blinky the Shark, May 8, 2008
  8. Some Chevrolets no va.
    Blinky the Shark, May 8, 2008
  9. cocob

    newsmb Guest

    Yes, and some Toyotas ar MR2.

    Amazingly, no one at Toyotoa's marketing department knew any French.
    newsmb, May 8, 2008
  10. cocob

    Neil H. Guest

    I agree. I have the D40 myself and consider it pretty much perfect for the
    type of camera it is. I have no interest in getting the D40x or D60, except
    maybe some day just as another item for my Nikon collection. I love my D80,
    but there are times I just don't want to carry around that much camera.

    Of course its replacement will itself be a "dated" DSLR in a couple of
    years, and so on ad infinitum. :)

    But I do have a lot more interest in whatever the D80's replacement will be,
    than I ever did in the D40x or D60.

    And $400 (or thereabouts) is a fantastic price for that camera. I paid the
    full $600 for mine when it first came out.

    Yes indeed. Actually I've seen very nice 8x10s made with 2 megapixels. It's
    unfortunate that so many consumers believe the more pixels the better the
    picture will be, but as long as they will pay more for more megapixels, the
    manufacturers will keep selling them more megapixels.

    Neil H., May 8, 2008
  11. cocob

    Neil H. Guest

    Hardly "severely limited," since all Nikon lenses introduced in recent years
    are AF-S and will work perfectly on D40-series cameras. And third-party
    lenses are getting aboard too, since those manufacturers don't want to be
    left out of the large D40 series market. I just bought Tamron's new Nikon
    version of their 17-50/2.8 with AF motor in the lens, works perfectly on the
    D40, and that company is expanding its line of such lenses. Sigma has
    already had them for some time of course, and Tokina is likely to follow.

    So it's chiefly owners of older model AF lenses who are left out, and most
    new buyers of D40-series cameras are not likely to care about that. Older
    lenses can be used on the D40 focused manually with the electronic focus
    indicator, which is obviously less convenient but does work well.

    Neil H., May 8, 2008
  12. cocob

    C J Campbell Guest

    The D60 is not a step up from the D40x. It is maybe half a step up. The
    D40, not even the D40x, is a better deal for most people. The D60 has
    more pixels, but not enough more to make a positive difference. It has
    a newer focusing and metering system. That is pretty much it.

    The D80 is a couple steps up -- faster, better handling, more rugged.
    It is likely to be discontinued and replaced by the D90 in the next
    couple of months. That means you should be able to get a heck of a deal
    on some D80s when they go on clearance. They might even start to cost
    less than a D60!

    The D90 will be a nice camera, but even if it is announced in late May
    or in June, as expected, it could be several months before you can
    actually get one. And it will cost a lot more than a D60.
    C J Campbell, May 8, 2008
  13. Here's what I want: a Nikon DSLR with the size and (approx.) weight of
    a D40; the imaging guts of a D3 (including FX/DX switching); the exact
    feature set - including physical controls and all menus - of a D200;
    for under USD$2k.

    Oh yes - like every photographer I know, I don't want to wait longer
    than overnight for delivery, it must be completely weatherproof, and I
    expect it to work even if I drop it on concrete!
    Tully Albrecht, May 9, 2008
  14. cocob

    C J Campbell Guest

    Well, the D90 will not be that camera! It will probably be about the
    size and weight of a D80, have more than 95% of the feature set of a
    D300, will have a plastic, but not weatherproof, body, and menus and
    controls similar to the D80. But it will cost considerably less than

    No doubt there will be new lenses introduced at the same time. Perhaps
    an update of the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR with better edge and corner
    performance and VR II or an update of the 80-400mm VR that will be
    sharper at 400mm and have AF-S. Oh! I know! Nikon will introduce yet
    another mid-range zoom, say, 18-85mm f/4.5-5.6 VR with, um, a macro
    button! (I am really sick of Nikon constantly bringing out mid-range
    zooms that are barely different from all their other mid-range zooms,
    or can you tell?)
    C J Campbell, May 9, 2008
    Neil Harrington, May 9, 2008
  16. On 07-May-08 18:29:01, nospam said
    Angus Manwaring, May 9, 2008
  17. cocob

    Alienjones Guest

    You are right Chris.
    EVENTUALLY they probaqbly will but the issue with many of us who paid
    serious money for it, it the time lag between camera release and module
    release. TheD60 ahqve been out for a few months. DxO promised early May for
    a module and here we are in early may and no support for it!
    Alienjones, May 9, 2008
  18. cocob

    Alienjones Guest

    The size of the sensor inhibts doing that anyway. Some people seem to thing
    the crop factor is a telephoto factor and it's not. All you get when using a
    50mm lens is the same picture as a FF sensor but croped to remove the edges.

    To blur the background, you need more than just a F2.8 aperture. You also
    need focal length. On crop factor cameras it makes lens choice difficult
    when using a 100mm lens actually gives you the field of view of a 160mm lens
    (depending on the crop factor) but the depth of field of the 100 lens.
    Alienjones, May 9, 2008
  19. Sounds good to me so far (depending on what exactly "considerably less than
    $2,000" turns out to be), but is your crystal ball really that clear on the
    model designation?

    If the successor to the D80 is called the D90, what will they call the next
    model? They can't call it a D100 because that's already used, and besides,
    anything with three numerals after the D would suggest moving up to the
    D200/D300 level of hardware. Of course they could start advancing by fives
    instead of tens as they did, for example, with the N line of 35s, but at the
    rate they're bringing out new models that would only buy them a very few
    more years. I worry about things like this.
    You're not much impressed with the new 16-85 VR, I take it? I'm looking
    forward to it myself, but I'll admit to being a bit lens-crazy.

    Neil Harrington, May 9, 2008

  20. They could follow Knuth's idea:
    D90, D95, D97.5, D98.75, D99.125, ...

    Jürgen Exner, May 9, 2008
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