Nikon D80 vs. Pentax K10D

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by Dr. Maturin, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Dr. Maturin

    Dr. Maturin Guest

    I would like to make the jump to dslr sometime soon, in the next year
    at least. I have Leica M4 & Nikon F 35mm equipment now, late '60's
    vintage. Was really keen on getting Nikon D80, but am having second
    thoughts with the Pentax K10D coming out.
    The big attraction of it is the weather proof seals. I love to shoot
    landscapes & nature on canoe trips.On river trips you don't even need
    rain to get dampness & moisture into a camera. The in-camera IS sounds
    appealing too, although I have read some opinions that it works better
    if its in the lense
    I know Nikon to genearlly be a quality product, but I know little to
    nothing about Pentax. Anyone care to put out their thoughts about the
    merits of these 2 cameras and the respective lenses? Would the lense
    quality be comparable, assuming comparable price points?
    Am wondering also if the K10D is going to push Nikon and the others
    toward models with similar weather seals, within the next year or so?
    Another camera that intrigues me is the Panasonic Lumix DMC L1. If for
    no other reason than the Leica lense and the fact that it roughly
    resembles my beloved M4. And I also like their traditional control
    architecture, at least in theory.Since I have not handled any of these
    cameras to date. But the Lumix is also considerably more expensive than
    the other two.
    Dr. Maturin, Sep 24, 2006
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  2. Nobody know how good these seals are. We have to wait a month or two
    until its available in the shops before any user reports will be

    Yes, most people say so, but they haven't tested the Pentax yet. Pentax
    claims 2-4 stops improvement. And Pentax compensate for rotational
    movement which is impossible to achive in a lens.

    Pentax is the oldest SLR manufacturer and they know how to make these
    cameras. No worries.

    Nikon D80 is a very good camera, indeed. But as you found out it hasn't
    any weather seals which K10D have. Both use the same Sony sensor so I
    expect image quality to be comparable.

    Stig Vidar Hovland
    Stig Vidar Hovland, Sep 25, 2006
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  3. Dr. Maturin

    Pete D Guest

    Reasonable to expect that they will be better than having none.

    There has only been the Minolta/Sony 5/7D/A100 to compare to so far, the
    early Canon IS was only good for 2 stops sometimes, the Pentax SR in the
    K10D is said to be good for 2-4 stops depending on the circumstances, we
    will see just how good it is soon.
    If you want in lens IS and are happy to pay for it for each lens then get
    the Nikon.
    The new K10D is even heavier than a 30D so it is built solidly.
    Where have you seen that it is the same sensor, the only photo of the sensor
    I have seen from the K10D it looks different, I would like to see more info
    on this.


    Pete D
    Pete D, Sep 25, 2006

  4. In this thread on dpreview.

    I know the image for the D80 is no longer there, but they showed identical
    sensors. Yes, I know there could be some differences anyway, but I don't
    think these differences are substantial and images from D80 and K10 will
    still be comparable and very similar in quality.

    Stig Vidar Hovland
    Stig Vidar Hovland, Sep 25, 2006
  5. Dr. Maturin

    Pete D Guest

    I have a large shot of the D80 sensor but not the K10D, anyway as you say
    they can still vary a fair bit, apparently the A100 uses the same one as
    well but I am not impressed by the A100 shots, yet the D80 shots seem pretty
    good. Of course the real test is how well they print, I had a 12x18 print
    done today from a shot I took on a 6MP D-SLR and the result is what I would
    call excellent, really looking forward to some bigger prints from my new
    10MP D-SLR. :)
    Pete D, Sep 25, 2006
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