Nikon D90 video as it relates to lens width / angle

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Destin_FL, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Destin_FL

    Destin_FL Guest

    Hello all,
    Couple of questions about the D90 video feature before I take this plunge...
    first, does it shoot video in wide angle if I have a wide angle lens on e.g.
    12-24mm OR is the video feature constrained to some predetermined aperture
    so that the lens doesn't make any real impact on the video?

    Secondly, is it possible to shoot video in Portrait orientation and if so,
    is there any way to actually view it in portrait orientation on a TV or

    The scenario would be shooting room interiors wherein the D90 would
    essentially replace the need for stitching pano images together. So I would
    shoot video in the portrait position so as to get more of the room height,


    Destin_FL, Feb 9, 2009
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  2. Destin_FL

    Destin_FL Guest

    thanks.... actually what I meant was: for instance, when shooting a series
    for what will ultimately be a number of images stitched to make a wide pano,
    it is advised to shoot vertical since you get so much more of the room from
    floor to ceiling.

    In the case of the video, it would be me putting the D90 on a tripod in
    portrait mode, then panning the camera as the video is rolling.... again, so
    that more of the room is seen floor to ceiling.


    Destin_FL, Feb 10, 2009
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  3. Destin_FL

    ASAAR Guest

    When you can get Sigma's 10-20mm lens for the D90 instead, the 2mm
    difference would have to *really* be needed to justify getting a
    Canon 5D in addition to the 12-24 lens. Getting the 10-20mm lens
    for the D90 would be *much* easier on the wallet. Also, while these
    cameras all have video modes, the 5D and D700 don't shoot videos!
    ASAAR, Feb 10, 2009
  4. Destin_FL

    Destin_FL Guest

    thanks everyone!!
    I so appreciate everyone's willingness to help.

    About the 'video-then-grabbing-screenshots' ..... I would be using the
    actual video, not grabbing screenshots from video. So for instance in a
    presentation of a property, I would build a video that included both stills
    and actual video footage put together in Premiere Elements or Cyberlink or
    Pinnacle or whatever.


    Destin_FL, Feb 10, 2009
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