Nikon events in November/Jan

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by David Kilpatrick, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. This info received from Uzair who is involved in these events:

    22 & 23 Nov 05: Solutions Expo Olympia, London
    If you're a professional photographer and you want to stay ahead in the
    world of digital photography then Nikon's Solutions Expo is for you.
    This FREE two-day conference led exhibition, features the experts behind
    the newest products in a series of major presentations. BPPA Award
    winner Uzair Kharawala will be presenting a seminar on the pitfalls &
    practices of Event Photography.

    29 November 05: Event Photography Seminar
    Uzair Kharawala is the guest speaker at the Event Photography Seminar
    organised by Nikon UK. This 4 hour intensive seminar is open to all
    professional photographers wishing to improve their Event Photography
    business. This seminar is to cover a comprehensive analysis of Event
    Photography. Uzair will be available to answer all your questions and
    tell you more about how to improve your profits.
    To book your place visit

    9 January 06: Introduction to Wedding Photography
    This seminar is aimed at photographers who are starting out or new to
    Wedding Photography. To be held at Nikon UK's headquarters in Kingston,
    Surrey. Topics include marketing, wedding contracts, using available
    light, key shots and how not to forget, album designing, wireless flash
    lighting, cool Photoshop tricks & tips and much much more....
    To book your place visit

    David Kilpatrick
    David Kilpatrick, Nov 4, 2005
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  2. Just received this correction:

    The Event Photography seminar is on 28 Nov and not 29 Nov.
    David Kilpatrick, Nov 4, 2005
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