Nikon F circa 1960 value?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Robert Schuldenfrei, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Dear NG:

    I have a number of old Nikon cameras that probably have no value. However,
    I have one that may be of some value to collectors. Before I go to the time
    and effort of listing it on EBay or some such service I wonder if someone in
    this NG can tell me if I have something here or just an old worthless
    camera. It is a Nikon F bought by my father in Japan in, I believe, 1960.
    It is SN: 6410458. It has the "T" stamp on the rewind knob that I have been
    told is a tax stamp for those cameras that will be taken out of Japan. It
    once had the Photomic-T light meter, but I have returned the camera to its
    original prism arrangement when I could no longer get parts for the light
    meter. The lens has been modified for the "rabbit ears" to engage the now
    missing light meter. The camera was used and maintained for many years and
    is still in working condition. It is in "good" condition, but is in no way
    "show" or "mint" condition. The lens set includes the 50mm Nikkor-S Auto
    1:1.4, 135mm Nikkor-Q Auto 1:3.5, and 28mm Nikkor-H Auto 1:3.5.

    Is it trash or treasure? Thanks in advance.


    Robert Schuldenfrei
    S. I. Inc.
    3450 So. Ocean Blvd.
    Palm Beach, FL 33480
    Robert Schuldenfrei, Apr 13, 2006
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  2. Robert Schuldenfrei

    bmoag Guest

    You can research this yourself on the web.
    Your serial number seems to correspond with the earliest production F
    cameras, possibly as early as you believe.
    If you have the original prism and it is all in working order you have a
    camera of significant value. It is not going to pay for your retirement, or
    even a trip to Japan.
    Personally, if I had a camera such as you describe, its sentimental value
    would far outweigh the dollar value.
    bmoag, Apr 13, 2006
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  3. Robert Schuldenfrei

    Sfj Guest

    What a great camera. My Nikon F is not at all original or anything but I
    would never sell it. I still use it. It has a great normal lens with very
    little distortion. It was one of very few cameras that shows 100% of the
    image in the view finder. It has a pleasant mechanical noise when you
    release the shutter. It has no gimmicks. The rest of the world can go
    digital, but I'm stubborn. I'm not saying I would never use a new camera,
    but when it is appropriate, I enjoy that camera above any others.

    (I'm not affiliated with any camera maker and I very rarely endorse anyone
    else's products but my own.)
    Sfj, Apr 14, 2006
  4. Dear BMOAG and NG:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. The information was right to the point. I am
    retired and I have been to Japan! Further, I don't need the money. In
    fact, the sentimental value has kept me from selling it to date. Every now
    and then I take it off the shelf and shoot a roll of Kodachrome 64 just for
    the fun of it. I have a small light meter, but I wish I had the old Weston
    II I once used with my old Konica of sainted memory. I had the Konica and
    my father had the F. He gave it to me when he was getting too old to lug it
    around. I have a F2 and a N8008s for film cameras and a D70 for every day
    use. Film is becoming hard to find and I only know one place that still
    develops Kodachrome. We have just moved into a small condo on the beach and
    I got to shed "stuff." So far I have resisted getting rid of camera
    equipment, but I am afraid that if I do not do it, my wife will do it for me
    :). Still do not know what I am going to do, but your input was very
    useful. Thank you.


    Robert Schuldenfrei
    S. I. Inc.
    3450 So. Ocean Blvd.
    Palm Beach, FL 33480
    Robert Schuldenfrei, Apr 14, 2006
  5. Robert Schuldenfrei

    Tom Guest

    How about a two pronged attack:
    [1] Convince your sweetheart that these are Father/Son "hope chest"
    items ..should be ease cuz they are.
    [2] Make them invisible. For example, get an under-the-bed plastic
    storage container and over time figuer out better packing then bubble
    pack, but at least the won't take up valueable "space"...I would keep
    one out on my desk or bookcase or?? and rotate now and then.
    Tom, Apr 19, 2006
  6. Dear Tom and NG,

    Those are two excellent suggestions :). I have indeed taken part A of your
    second suggestion. I have always kept my cameras in cool dry places away
    from light. This not only keeps them out of my sweetie's sight, but helps
    maintains the mechanism. The fact that I have done nothing about selling
    the "F" probably tells you something about me and the fact that I will
    unlikely take action. My late father had numerous aphorisms about life.
    One went something like: "You do what you want to do and make excuses about
    the rest."



    Robert Schuldenfrei
    S. I. Inc.
    3450 So. Ocean Blvd.
    Palm Beach, FL 33480

    Robert Schuldenfrei, Apr 19, 2006
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