Nikon FE2 - replacement self-timer lever wanted

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by briank, May 17, 2004.

  1. briank

    briank Guest

    Anyone know where I can obtain a replacement self timer lever for a Nikon FE2?
    Mine broke at the weekend.

    I tried Grays of Westminster.
    They tell me they can repair the camera but are unable to supply spare parts.
    briank, May 17, 2004
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  2. briank

    Gordon Moat Guest

    I saw a couple of them on EBAY just one month ago. Also, a US EBAY auction ended
    last week for a broken FE2 that went for $US 10.50. While broken examples of the
    FE and FE2 are not very common on EBAY, they seem to come up about once or twice
    a month. The lever is the same mounting on both the FE and FE2, and fairly easy
    to change (in fact, a broken FM or FM2 could supply the same lever). An auction
    picture should be enough to confirm that a lever is on a broken camera, plus you
    get some other spares. Best of luck.
    Gordon Moat, May 17, 2004
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