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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dperez, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. dperez

    dperez Guest

    I have a question that's been there since I got my F100, and has continued now
    that I've also got the S2... (remember, I came from the world of 20+ year old
    manual focus Canons, so I'm not up on this new-fangled technology!)

    The Nikon/Fuji have a couple focus modes and I'm trying to understand exactly
    what I SHOULD be seeing:

    Single Servo - with "closest subject priority" OFF, push the shutter halfway
    down and it focuses. The green indicator light comes on and stays on. Move the
    camera around without letting up on the shutter and the focus doesn't change
    and the green indicator stays on. I'm thinking this lets me pick the focus
    point and keeps it there while I compose and shoot.

    BUT, how does predictive motion focusing work with this? According to the S2
    manual, when in single servo mode it
    "Only works for moving subjects from the time AF operation starts. While this
    function is operating, the camera decides when the subject is in focus and
    releases the shutter."
    Is this the "closest subject focusing" or something else? Single area AF versus
    dynamic AF don't SEEM to have any effect on this... Both appear to just be
    using the movable focus area...

    BUT, if I turn on "closest subject priority" for Single Servo, then I get a
    difference between single area AF and dynamic AF. In dynamic Idon't have a
    focusing area, but it still seems to do a single focus and hold it no matter
    where I move the camera.

    So, how is this supposed to work? And WHY is the default "closest subject
    priority" for Single Servo?

    Also, according to the manual, this is focus priority mode and the shutter will
    only release if the green focus indicator is displayed. If I'm in single servo
    mode, when is it NOT displayed? Once it focuses, it just stays at that focus
    point. Is this another function of the "closest subject focusing"? It doesn't
    APPEAR to refocus or do anything once I've focused no matter which mode (single
    area versus dynamic OR closest subject on or off...). So can SOMEBODY give me
    an explanation of this that I can wrap my mind around?

    Continuous Servo - push the shutter halfway down and it focuses, and refocuses
    as I move the camera, or the subject moves. Even when I don't move, if I'm
    shooting close-up, I often notice the lens making very slight focus adjustments
    - often not discernible to me but I can hear the lens "jittering"... I've tried
    using the dynamic AF which I thought was supposed to refocus as the subject (or
    I presume the camera) moved from one focus point to another. Which appears to
    work fine. BUT, when I turn on the closest subject priority (which is NOT the
    default for continuous servo) my understanding is that anything in any focus
    point will cause the focus to shift. For example, if I have all 5 focus points
    on an object 10 feet away, and I keep the shutter halfway down and move the
    camera so the bottom center focus point is now on an object 3 feet away, the
    lens SHOULD refocus on the nearer object. Right? 'Cause it sometimes does
    this, but sometimes doesn't refocus until a second or perhaps the center focus
    point is on the nearer object. This is with NONE of the focus points
    illuminated as I'm using the dynamic focus...

    OK, so now that I've made something that's probably really simple, REALLY
    ALL THIS REALLY WORKS? Or is supposed to work? I THINK I'm managing to do
    things largely correctly but this is one of those things that just keeps
    niggling at me to understand more fully...
    dperez, Nov 5, 2003
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  2. I recommed that you A) get Thom Hogan's ebook on the S2 Pro and B) start
    perusing the Fuji SLR forum at DP Review and join that group so
    you can post your focusing questions there.

    Howard McCollister, Nov 5, 2003
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  3. dperez

    dperez Guest

    I recommed that you A) get Thom Hogan's ebook on the S2 Pro and B) start
    The book is on its way... It turns out there are at LEAST THREE different
    places at Fuji where you register AND NONE OF THEM TALK TO ONE ANOTHER...

    There's the registration they take in tech support, that they confirm in repairs
    so your camera can go in for repairs.

    There's the registration that happens when you go to the registration page that
    gets you into some user group(s), but isn't really Fuji.

    And lastly, there's the registration that you TRY to do on-line that's connected
    to the Hogan book. Which fails repeatedly telling you it can't find the serial
    number that you're looking at right on the bottom of the camera... Of course,
    when you CALL Fuji, you get some piss-ant bureaucrat who couldn't care less that
    you JUST WANT TO REGISTER THE $#@%^&^%$* CAMERA and have them
    send you the book. Instead you wind up FILLING OUT a form and mailing it in
    'cause apparently Fuji, like so many other places these days, has completely
    lost interest in making life easier on their customers.

    But, I rant... I'll go over to the forum in dpreview, but I have to figure
    there are a ton of people here who are Nikon experts and have real insight on
    how the whole focusing thing works...
    dperez, Nov 6, 2003
  4. I'm not sure that's true, but regardless, the signal-to-noise ratio on this
    board is extremely low, whereas you can go to DP Review forums (they are
    moderated) and ask your question on the Fuji dSLR forum where the only
    posters are Fuji S2 Pro owners. Thom Hogan often posts in the Nikon dSLR and
    Fuji dSLR, for example. If you're not satisfied with focusing advice from
    Fuji S2Pro owners, you can post in the Nikon dSLR forum.

    Not to mention the relatively large number of kooks, trolls and just plain
    crazy people that post here and other Usenet venues. Phil Askey, who wrote
    the DP Review forums, and moderates them, has a pretty low bullsh*t

    Howard McCollister, Nov 6, 2003
  5. dperez

    dperez Guest

    Howard, its not nice to call folks kooks, trolls, or crazy!!!!!!!!! Besides,
    these are in the eye of the beholder! I sometimes think some of the questions I
    have are more than a little crazy!!!!! But, I"ve been over at dpreview and
    going thru stuff! I'll take this question over there...
    dperez, Nov 7, 2003
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