Nikon, Minolta, Canon to introduce new SLR models

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Robert McClenon, Sep 10, 2004.


    If you plan to vote *YES* on Alan Browne's proposal to reorganize the** groups, your email address will be
    demunged from the result and posted to alt.spam, misc.test, and
    hundreds of other newsgroups for the harvest bots to krawl....

    *LIKE* *THIS*

    Adnan Al-Mazroa
    Alfredo Stromboli
    Aaron M. Ucko
    Andrew Cassese
    Curtis Armstrong
    Arturo Stromboli
    Nathan Musco
    Lorne Wandell
    Jordan Knight
    Dan Vande More
    Scott Keller
    Robert Carradine
    Thom Borton
    Niels Olof Bouvin
    Maurice Queen
    Bradley Whitford
    Brian Tochi
    Lucia Vega
    Calvin Kim
    David G. Roth
    Chong Lai
    Chris Barnes
    Christian Knoke
    Chris Krolczyk
    Mike Collio
    Fidel Rhodes
    Dorothy Zbornak
    Danny Wood
    David E. Smith
    Dave Sill
    Demetrius Stamos
    Blanche Devereaux
    Trevor Tymchuk
    Dimitri Cestovani
    David Pye
    Joseph Botte
    Ekkehard Uthke
    Enrico Stromboli
    Alice Hirson
    Tristan Etovekaf
    Gus Falk
    Christoph Gysin
    Frederick Noronha
    Peter J Ross
    Anthony Edwards
    Jason Z Christie
    Christopher J. Hawley
    Heidi Karp
    Nina Hernandez
    Helen Willis
    Hugo Stromboli
    Pedro Alejandro
    Jada Stromboli
    Jeb Simon
    Jon Knight
    Juergen Bethke
    Joe Morris
    Joey Stromboli
    John Forbes
    Jonis Cohen
    Josie Lauer
    Juan Vega
    Julie Montgomery
    Julio Nostra
    Enzo Stromboli Junior
    Keith Hanlan
    Keith Lexington
    Larry B Scott
    Leo Stromboli
    Mabel King
    Grant Washington
    Mario Stromboli
    Hans Martens
    Martha Moore
    Joe McIntyre
    Michal Rosa
    Biff Mullins
    Eduard Petrov
    Louis Browne
    Neil Woods
    Rose Nylund
    Donald Gibb
    Patrick Bragg
    Troy Ekamper
    Sophia Petrillo
    Sal Gallo
    Jessica Portolano
    Peter Smyth
    Paul Zoda
    Robert Marshall
    Roberto Stromboli
    Rosa Stromboli
    Sally Parker
    Sam Dunn
    Santa Stromboli
    Sara Brady
    Ana Sbet
    David Strum
    Ralf Schlatterbeck
    Sean Kormilo
    Simon Leinen
    Steven Lucas
    Sofie Jansen
    Stefano Ghirlanda
    Thomas Spraggins
    Jennifer C Taylor
    Ted McGinley
    Tim Busfield
    Tomasz Brzezinski
    Tony Stromboli
    Pete Douglaston
    Ulysses Paige
    Victor Jones
    Vic Dura
    Mark Wahlberg
    David Wohl
    Georges LaRouche
    Zeke Williams
    Jules Dubois

    These assholes voted *YES* for! They were not
    warned, but you are! ;)

    If you vote yes on this proposal, your email in the result list will be
    demunged and posted to 100++ gr00ps!
    How do I know? A little bird named Lionel told me!

    - - Bob McClenon
    Robert McClenon, Sep 10, 2004
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  2. Correc t. The troll is trying to disrupt or intimidate the voting
    process on the* reorganization RFD with that
    forgery and other forgeries. This post is by the real Bob McClenon.

    - - Bob McClenon
    Robert McClenon, Sep 11, 2004
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