Nikon View vs Nikon PictureProject software

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dlgillilan, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. dlgillilan

    dlgillilan Guest

    I am enjoying a brand new Nikon D50 digital camera body and lens, and have
    been using
    the free software that Nikon provided - Nikon View 6.2.7(which includes
    browser, viewer and editor) and Nikon PictureProject 1.6(which includes
    organizing, viewing and retouching). The trouble is that now I seem to
    think that
    the two software programs sort of duplicate each other to a great extent.
    Nikon site states that PictureProject is the "next generation Nikon viewer
    editor" so perhaps I did not need to download both programs??

    Could someone elucidate me on these two software programs and as to
    whether they definitely duplicate each other? I am inclined to keep my hard
    drive lean and clean, although I have plenty of space, but do not desire
    duplication of software products. I'm a little confused as to why these
    two products are both needed by users of the D50 camera, and wonder if
    one program is more useful than the other, in the opinion of more
    experienced users of these Nikon products.

    Thank you,
    D Gillilan
    dlgillilan, Jan 22, 2006
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  2. Both are rudimentary viewing and especially editing programs. Imo PP has a
    brain dead interface so after quickly looking at it back when I got my
    CP-5700 it has never graced my hard drive again. NV at least has a more
    classic interface. If you want to process raw files, both of these provides
    just an absolute minimum of control, hardly worth the effort. You'd be
    better off getting a free copy of Pixmantec's RawShooter Essentials.
    Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), Jan 22, 2006
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  3. dlgillilan

    babalooixnay Guest

    Same experience here with PP and NV. On and off my hard drive in less
    than eight hours. Love my Nikon cameras, their software sucks. I've
    been looking at Graphic Converter V all weekend as a simple and very
    low cost alternative (30 US shareware) to the PS CS2 that has had me
    thinking about returning to film. Graphic Converter came bundled in a
    new Mac but I believe it could be available for PC. It downloads and
    reads raw images fine from the D50 and from an iPod used as a portable
    hard disk. (The only negative is that it doesn't erase the card
    automatically, or I haven't found the switch yet, and the auto White
    Balance settigs were reverse engineered rather than gotten directly
    from Nikon: so far I've noticed no difference.)
    babalooixnay, Jan 23, 2006
  4. dlgillilan

    larrylook Guest

    Picture project is a nightmare and is annoying. I got rid of it. View has a
    fair raw converter. It's much cheaper than capture ;-) I use the raw
    converter for nef files and then bring the photo into photoshop or elements
    for more editing. I think if your mainly interested in a raw converter that
    will adjust exposure and wb, (maybe do b&w conversion, sepia, sharping,
    automatic levels, increase contrast etc) View is nice, while your waiting to
    decide if you should shell out $100 for capture. I like doing my raw
    conversions with a nikon product (my own preference). The combination of
    View with Elements (or PSCS) is pretty powerful. You need to find a raw
    converter that you are comfortable with. I say start with NV.
    larrylook, Jan 24, 2006
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