Nikon: What can I do with my SB-28 (non-DX) with a Nikon digital body?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Father Kodak, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Father Kodak

    Father Kodak Guest

    Right now, I have a Nikon SB -28 flash, which works great on my N90s
    or my two F2 bodies (in non-TTL modes, of course.) When I go digital,
    how useful is this flash with say a D70s or even an D2x?

    Can I use it as the only flash? How much functionality do I lose
    compared with say the SB-600 or 800?

    Can I use the SB-28 as an off-camera-axis slave to the SB-600 or 800?
    Which cables or cords would I need.

    Finally does anyone know if the SD-6 (?) power bracket work with the
    SB-600/800. The Nikon USA web site seems to say no, but that site is
    hopeless incomplete with respect to say D2x information, so I'm
    guessing it's also incomplete for SB-600/800 info.

    Father Kodak.
    Father Kodak, Jun 21, 2005
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  2. The SB-28 will only work in non-TTL auto and manual on either the D70 or the
    D2X. The D70 only understands iTTL and the D2X requires iTTL or dTTL
    neither of which are supported by the SB-28.

    Ronnie Sellar, Jun 21, 2005
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  3. Father Kodak

    Roxy d'Urban Guest

    Not very useful, unfortunately.
    It will only work in M or A modes and won't offer any TTL mode at all.
    Not in TTL mode. You would be able to use it manually with a regular
    slave, but then you would have to use your SB800/600 in manual mode too.
    I don't think so. I have an SD-7 sitting in my office right now and it
    wouldn't work with the SB-800. The SB-800 has a totally different power
    socket to the SB-28 so unless you modified it to match, or got hold of
    some kind of adaptor, it won't be of any use.

    I recently traded my SB-28 for a brand new FM2n body. The SB-800 is all
    the flash I will need with my current camera line-up. Just get one. You
    won't regret it.
    Roxy d'Urban, Jun 21, 2005
  4. Father Kodak

    ehurwitz Guest

    The SB-28 is still my favorite flash unit. I have successfully used it in
    AUTO mode with my D70, but aperture and zoom are manually adjusted. The
    SB-800 is a great flash, but the preflashes cause many subjects to blink

    I recently purchased a Fuji S2. With that camera I can set the SB-28 to TTL
    and shoot just like with my N90s.
    ehurwitz, Jun 21, 2005
  5. Father Kodak

    Father Kodak Guest

    I'm sure I won't. When I do go digital (etc., etc.) I will certainly
    budget for the SB 800. No question about that.

    However, I don't expect to abandon film entirely, AND I have been
    reading up on how much better you can do with multiple flash exposure,
    so I was wondering if I could lash up my SB-28 to the SB-800.
    Apparently not too easily, judging by all the responses to my
    original question.

    And I was also wondering if some flash accessories, such as an
    external power pack, could be used with both speedlights. That way, I
    have more money left over for 2GB CF cards, VR lenses, Photoshop CS2,

    Father Kodak, Jun 25, 2005
  6. Father Kodak

    Roxy d'Urban Guest

    One of the real advantages of the new SB-800 system is that it can be used
    on almost any Nikon camera in various modes. I can use it on my F2, FM2n,
    F4s, F100 and D70.

    At some point in the future I see a second SB-800 in my kit.
    Roxy d'Urban, Jun 25, 2005
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