No audio in encoded VIdeo FIles

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Bosco, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Bosco

    Bosco Guest

    I have been converting video files to DVD format using WInAVI before
    burning to disc using Nero. After converting, the files play back with
    audio. When I burn them to DVD using Nero Vision, I get a notification
    that there is no dolby digital plugin for NERO. And then once the
    project is burned I get video but no audio. The only reason I don't
    have Nero do the encoding in the first place is because it takes too
    long, but why does Nero burn the discs with no audio? Can anyone shed
    some light on this? Is there a way to burn with Nero that makes no
    changes to the audio of the source material?

    Tim Hopkins
    Bosco, Jan 15, 2005
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  2. Bosco

    Bariloche Guest

    You say Nero -which, by default, means the burner- but...
    .... actually you mean Nero Vision.

    Now, the only plausible reason to use NeroVision I can think of, is
    that it comprises several things in one. But if you are actually
    making your mpegs with WinAvi, then you better follow a different

    Is Winavi making ready to burn .vob files? The just use "Nero burning
    rom", I mean, just the burner. Create a new "DVD Video" compilation,
    and just drag your files into the VIDEO_TS folder, then burn.

    Is Winavi making .mpg files? Then use an authoring program (Tmgpenc
    DVD Author, for instance, is an easy one; Ulead DVD Workshop is also
    easy, and more sophisticated) to author your mpegs. This shall convert
    your .mpg into .Vob, which you can burn with those programs themselves
    -or do as above, and burn them with Nero as DVD Video.
    Bariloche, Jan 15, 2005
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