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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Michael, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    In my best bad Dashiell Hammett:

    The images they showed me had the grittiness of sandbox in a windstorm.
    A generally good collection of photographic evidence. Many of the
    images lacked any trace of a suspect, a stipulation that was alluded to
    but not flatly required of the contract snappers. I had to get the
    photo perps together in a line-up. I had to break 'em down one by one
    - to see beyond the obvious - to shake out any remaining bits of
    information that may help solve the case.

    First up, Tom Hudson:

    A snap to let me know what kinda place I was dealing with. The usual
    turf - dark, brooding, urban... There was enough light to pull out
    some of the finer detail, and enough shadow to make me wonder what I'd
    find on further inspection. Some lights were still on; not everybody
    on this block gets an early start - I'll start with them. Good work,
    Hudson! Next time, get me a face that I can put a crime with.

    Your turn, Lauter:

    Not only are these people still awake - they're just back from wherever
    they've been. She's taller, too. Interesting, very interesting.
    Great work, Mark. Keep 'em coming!

    Kramer! Get in here!:

    Who's heater ventilation system? Who installed it?? Good capture of
    the effect, guess me and my shoe leather will figure out the cause.
    Good work, keep your head down!

    Here's what I found out:

    Relevance of this evidence available on request. Til then, I ain't

    Have a seat, Kewfi:

    Thanks for the file photo. Take a look a Lauter's current pic. This
    guy ain't as intimidating as he used to be. Glad I didn't have to mix
    it up with him then. Excellent work!


    Is this where he did his time? Get me another shot when he goes back
    in. This place has just the right mood for a guy like him. I like it!

    Your turn, Flint:

    Man, the guitar player never talks! Next time try the vocalist. For
    the record, the 50's was good times. Good work, Bob!


    Nice Flyer! Our man takes a path less travelled. I wish you'da put
    him on the scene. No bloody glove this time? At least now I know
    where to look. Good work! Leave me a card.

    Al Denelsbeck:

    Looks like he hosts a hell of a shindig. Well done! The operation is
    puttin' together some kinda plan. Only time will tell where it'll

    Michael, Oct 24, 2005
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  2. Michael

    Bob Guest

    Thanks for the comment!
    Bob, Oct 25, 2005
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