Noise reduction - Neat Image - Olympus C-2500L

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by John Navas, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. John Navas

    John Navas Guest

    Neat Image <> is a remarkably effective software tool
    for reducing noise in images from digital camera sensors while preserving
    image detail -- the results in my noisy high-ISO images are simply amazing.

    My noise profiles for the Olympus C-2500L are now in the Neat Image Device
    Noise Profiles Library and available for download (along with lots of other
    profiles) at <>.

    For a good review of Neat Image, see
    Other reviews can be found through

    The Demo edition of Neat Image is free for non-commercial use.

    For an excellent comparison of noise reductions tools, see
    <>. The only tool ranked
    higher than Neat Image is Noise Ninja <>. In my
    own tests, both tools did a similarly great job. Both are highly recommended!
    John Navas, Mar 7, 2004
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