Non-Square Pixel Rendering - Ulead Videostudio 8

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by spoon2001, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. spoon2001

    spoon2001 Guest

    Just started using Ulead Videostudio 8. One of the options when rendering
    video to a file is "Perform Non-Square Pixel Rendering". Because it was a
    default I went with it.

    After rendering about 4 tapes of DV AVI video to MPEG2 using this option, I
    finally noticed a strange thing - the resulting rendered video appears to
    have 720x480 frames, but the actual image occupies only 640x480 of this
    720x480 frame. In each frame, there is a 40-pixel black bar on either side
    of the 640x480 video image.

    I can't see any use in doing this. Wouldn't I be stuck with the 40-pixel
    black borders, for example, if I burned the file to a DVD for playback on a
    standalone player?

    I'm thinking it's better to render the video as a 720x480 image. Sure, a
    720x480 image is stretched width-wise when viewed on a computer monitor
    (with its square pixels), but when viewed played back on a TV with its
    skinny pixels, it appears in proper 4:3 aspect ratio.

    Also, don't most computer video players automatically display the video in
    the proper aspect ratio? For example, when I play back a 720x480 video file
    (rendered with the "Perform Non-Square Pixel Rendering" option turned off),
    Windows Media Player displays it with a video size of 720x540 - 4:3 ratio.

    Am I misunderstanding this? Can anybody explain why I'd want to turn this
    "Perform Non-Square Pixel Rendering" on?
    spoon2001, Sep 20, 2004
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