NOS Older Ampex VTR Parts

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Steve Puntolillo, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. Hello Video Mavens --

    Please, a quick introduction:

    I'm not a video person per se. Actually, I'm an audio post person. Please

    A few years ago, I set out to put together a professional multitrack
    analog-to-digital transfer lab. Please see:

    In my attempt to build up an adequate spare parts inventory, I have found
    myself in possession of a fairly healthy amount of NOS parts, many of which
    I cannot identify and do not need to keep. It seems as though a lot of these
    are for professional VTRs or video equipment -- especially old Ampex
    professional VTRs.

    So, now to the point of this post. Please take a careful look at this page:

    Please let me know (1) if you can identify any of the unidentified parts,
    (2) if you can expand on any of the descriptions and (3) if you need any of
    them. Note that these parts have been added to the page as they have come
    in. A few VTR parts are right up front, but in general, the bulk of the VTR
    parts are down the list. So, the further down you scroll, the more likely
    the parts will be for VTRs and not ATRs.

    I am not interested in being in the parts business! From a business
    standpoint, the most practical course would be for me to throw this stuff in
    the garbage and spend my time promoting my business. But, I can't bring
    myself to do that. My own travails trying to find parts compels me to make
    an attempt to find homes for this stuff. So, please make me a reasonable
    offer (plus shipping) and the part(s) is/are yours.

    I check this email address occasionally. To find an email address that
    reaches me quickly, please go here:

    I have made multiple attempts to reach people who will take an interest in
    salvaging these items. If I am unable to find homes for them quickly I will
    have to post them on ebay -- and soon, as space in my facility is at a

    Hope this helps someone.

    Best regards,


    Steve Puntolillo
    Sonicraft A2DX Lab
    Ultimate Multitrack Analog-to-Digital Transfers
    Steve Puntolillo, Dec 27, 2004
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