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Discussion in 'Photography' started by PeterN, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest


    It certainly can. But it can never know what the photographer intended,
    and it can never set the exposure and focus in advance of the
    photographer framing the shot and squeezing the button. Manual metering
    _in_advance_ and having known focus settings _in_advance_ can do that,
    resulting in no time at all between squeezing the button and the photo
    actually being taken - because the human involved has already set the
    exposure and got the focus close to what's needed before even framing
    the shot. If zone focussing is used, exploiting depth of field or
    hyperfocal distance, the first shot is in the bag before precise
    focussing is even tried.

    Don't just react to things you want to photograph, predict them. When
    you react without planning, you get snapshots. Fine if that's what you
    want, and better than nothing if an unexpected opportunity arises (such
    as moonrise over Hernandez) but if you've planned to be there and
    planned to take photos of [whatever it is] then why haven't you planned
    _how_ those photos will be taken?
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
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  2. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    This might help clarify what a digital camera does:
    <> "Learn about RAW, JPEG, and TIFF with the
    digital photography experts at"
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
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  3. That article, by Bob Atkins, is pretty good. It has nothing at all to
    do with this thread though...
    Floyd L. Davidson, Jan 5, 2014
  4. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    There are several automatic exposure modes possible, eg:

    - camera sets everything
    - camera sets everything except shutter speed
    - camera sets everything except aperture
    - camera sets everything except ISO 'speed'
    - camera sets only ISO 'speed'
    - camera sets only aperture
    - camera sets only shutter speed

    and so on. If the camera sets /anything/ for itself, then you are using
    'automatic exposure'. There is only one setting that isn't automatic
    exposure, namely:

    - camera sets nothing, photographer makes all decisions.
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
  5. PeterN

    Eric Stevens Guest

    On Sun, 05 Jan 2014 19:07:32 +0000, Whiskers

    --- snip ----
    While we are quibbling - ISO is not a measure of speed. It's a measure
    of sensitivity to light.
    Eric Stevens, Jan 5, 2014
  6. And when the "camera sets only ISO". The photographer sets the exposure.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Jan 5, 2014
  7. PeterN

    Eric Stevens Guest

    I do plan how the photos will be taken.

    That's why my camera is left on 'Scene' mode. :)
    Eric Stevens, Jan 5, 2014
  8. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    Which generations of photographers have referred to as "film speed".
    Notice my use of scare quotes. If we're /really/ quibbling, in a
    digital camera the "ISO setting" doesn't change the sensitivity of
    anything, instead it changes the amount of electronic &/or digital
    "amplification" applied to the signal from the sensor.
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
  9. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    .... and then the camera automatically decides what 'film speed' to use
    to get as near as it can to whatever its programming dictates the
    correct image characteristics are. This is *not* a manual exposure
    setting, it's just one particular mode of automation.

    If you want to dictate the properties of the image recorded by the
    camera, do not allow the camera to do anything automatically.
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
  10. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    Apart from describing what the "ISO setting" on a digital camera
    actually does, which seems to me to be something very much to do with
    this thread.
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
  11. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    In that case, whoever wrote the program used by your camera "in 'Scene'
    mode" planned how the photos will be taken. You choose what and when,
    but not how.
    Whiskers, Jan 5, 2014
  12. PeterN

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Didn't you see the smiley?

    My most common mode is aperture priority. I do make adjustments to the
    exposure according to my evaluation of what is needed. If I'm at all
    in doubt I check the histogram in the display. I find I can't tell
    much about what the final image is going to look like from the display
    in the back of the camera.
    Eric Stevens, Jan 5, 2014
  13. PeterN

    George Kerby Guest

    Actually the opposite. Days are long in the summer as well as nights in the
    winter. In between it is minimal transition during the Equinox. OTOH, near
    the Equator, the transition period is rapid. Think about it and it will make

    One thing that makes sense to me right now is that I wish I was where you
    are. Quickly. Low tonight in the high teens and not getting out of the mid
    thirties until Tuesday afternoon. Crazy!
    George Kerby, Jan 6, 2014
  14. It says as little as possible about it, in a very clear attempt to
    totally avoid the subject.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Jan 6, 2014
  15. PeterN

    Tony Cooper Guest

    My wife and I are leaving town Tuesday because it's too cold here!
    It's 72 (F) as I write this, but supposed to drop down to the 40s in
    the coming week. We're heading south to Vero Beach or Stuart or
    somewhere down there.

    We'd leave Monday, but Rick Sammon is speaking at my camera club
    Monday evening, and then the Florida State/Auburn game is on. Gotta
    be here to watch that.

    I just hope Rick isn't coming in from somewhere where the flights
    aren't flighting.
    Tony Cooper, Jan 6, 2014
  16. PeterN

    Whiskers Guest

    Not all the way over there.
    Only one's mind's eye can envisage the final result, and only experience
    can help one achieve it.
    Whiskers, Jan 6, 2014
  17. PeterN

    George Kerby Guest

    Have fun! We're going to Key West next month before Southwest cancels the
    route. Go for 14, FSU!!!
    George Kerby, Jan 6, 2014
  18. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    I have met him several times. He is a gentlemen in every sense of the
    word. while I will not go into details, the first time I met him he
    offered to give someone I know personal advice and become a personal
    career mentor for this person, without charge.
    I was astounded at the generosity of his offer. When I mentioned it to
    someone else, he said Rick often does things like that.
    PeterN, Jan 7, 2014
  19. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    On 1/5/2014 7:05 PM, George Kerby wrote:

    Just to rub it in, I am now south of tony Cooper, and plan a short drive
    to the Keys today. I don't expect much wildlife, but will be looking for
    landscape potential. Most likely, it will just be a pleasant drive.
    PeterN, Jan 7, 2014
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