Not really video, but we use cables as well....

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Laurence Payne, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Laurence Payne, Oct 8, 2006
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  2. Laurence Payne

    Tony Morgan Guest

    I'm very cynical about journalists - both general and technical. Though
    some years ago, I was once pushed into acting as a medium/large
    company's press officer for a period (only because no one else would do
    it, and I was given a substantial "hospitality budget").

    And those who write for the trade/technical publications are the worst
    since their publication(s) depend on advertising revenue so have a
    vested interested in keeping everyone sweet. Not just those who already
    advertise with them but (in case they can sign them up for advertising)
    for everyone.

    And you are probably as aware as most that audio quality is very
    subjective. I have a "fat-cat" friend who takes pleasure in inviting all
    and sundry to experience his very large and extremely expensive "home
    entertainment" room that has bare painted walls and laminate flooring.
    He thinks that the audio quality is the very best.
    Tony Morgan, Oct 8, 2006
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  3. Laurence Payne

    RobDee Guest

    Interesting. I once held the view that expensive cables were of limited use
    and certainly wouldn´t give a discernible improvement in sound quality.
    Until I held a blind testing session where my Brother In Law (a true audio
    geek) had to tell me whether I had connected his previous cheaper (but still
    mega expensive) cables or the new set he had just bought. I randonly
    connected one set or the other and replayed the same section of a vinyl
    record............. Result: He got the correct answer everytime! While I
    couldn´t do anything but guess when I had a try!

    On another occasion with a really hot ICE set up (2X300W amps, 12 speakers
    etc) in a car I owned over in Tenerife, there was an annoying distant hum in
    between CD tracks where there should have (obviously) been silence. The son
    of the owner of the company who did most of the install work for me happened
    to turn up just as the rest of the guys had given up on ever getting rid of
    the ghostly sound (most folks couldn´t hear it at all and even those that
    could said I was being over fussy), The Boss jr whipped the head unit out
    and swapped the cabling for some super expensive make - hey presto - no hum!
    He left the guys to route the new cabling properly and to my shock told them
    not to charge me for it!

    RobDee, Oct 8, 2006
  4. Laurence Payne

    RobDee Guest

    Believe me I am all too well aware of these issues - it´s part of my job! I
    did all sorts of combinations including (as I thought anyone might guess)
    making random "connecting sounds" while sometimes leaving the same cables
    connected or alternatively swapping them over silently (better for the
    reasons you stated). Followed up later (both for confirmation and to
    demonstrate my B-I-L´s skills to my Son), with a repeat random set where he
    had to leave the room while connections were made (or not as the case may
    be) and given absoloutely no feedback of any kind as to how well he was
    doing until it was all over.

    Just used this example as it certainly made me realise that at least some of
    us have the ability to make such fine distinctions. As I said, when I had a
    turn at it I found myself making complete guesses. Then again, this guy also
    has the ability to pick up and play any tune while hearing it for the first

    RobDee, Oct 9, 2006
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