'Nuther boring pano - (aka - 'when *not* to use a polariser')

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Mark Thomas, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Took a couple of panos at Brisbane's Mt Coot-tha lookout.

    I used a polariser on this one, as a warning to others... heheh

    NOTE - 2.4Mb jpeg, 6000 pixels wide!

    If you are not already aware, it is a bad idea to use a polariser when
    you include a large angle of sky (unless the sun is directly overhead)
    as you get a (sinusoidal?) curve of dark sky...

    And isn't it always the way - on the day you want a few decorative
    clouds it is perfectly clear..? FTR - I denoised the sky a bit, but
    you'll see a fair bit in the shadows - typical non-dslr result. Having
    said that, this image has rather challenging dynamic range and the
    result isn't too bad, imbo. Other than the denoising, the image is
    exactly as shot.

    For anyone bored out of their brain, can you spot the two (easily
    fixable) stitching errors? (Maybe there's more..?)

    I've also included some burnt highlights for those who like that sorta
    thing. (O:
    Mark Thomas, Aug 11, 2008
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  2. Mark Thomas

    Noons Guest

    Mark Thomas wrote,on my timestamp of 11/08/2008 5:02 PM:
    nothing wrong with that either!
    a bit watercolour-ish in the chroma, but that's p&s I suppose...
    looks good anyways and it should print really nice.
    Noons, Aug 11, 2008
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  3. Mark Thomas

    Jeff R. Guest

    I don't want to sound like a Helen to your Bret, so I'll withhold the

    Coupl'a things though:

    LOL on the polariser sky. Live and learn. Shouldn't be too hard to brush
    it out - though I rather like the effect - very reminiscent of a solar

    Can't see the artifacts. Don't know the subject well enough to spot objects
    that shouldn't-be-doubled. If there are indeed flaws, then they're
    insignificant. I can see one join (only one) in the sky, but only when I
    *look*for it - so it doesn't matter.

    That would print and frame well.

    'scuse me.
    I'm off to Google-Earth the lookout.
    Jeff R., Aug 11, 2008
  4. Mark Thomas

    Annika1980 Guest

    Excellent work!

    The cable in the foreground at the bottom looks offset.
    Also, the spire on top of the roof llooks a little funny.
    And what's with that roofline? Looks like the end of one roof was
    doubled up.

    So which one is D-Mac's house?
    Annika1980, Aug 11, 2008
  5. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Oh, go on, it's OK.. (O:
    I do like the effect sometimes, but this one has enough stuff going on
    to not need a gimmick, imo, and it just looks odd.
    Frankly I couldn't spot the seams either (gotta love ptgui), but here's
    one anomaly - check out the rotunda thingy nearest the middle - look
    slightly to the left of the girl with the light open neck shirt... A
    helpful hand from nowhere! (O:
    Thanks. I'll re-do it on a day with nicer clouds, or maybe late
    afternoon or morning to get more interesting light.
    Mark Thomas, Aug 11, 2008
  6. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    One correct!
    Nope. I hadn't noticed that - I even had to go back and check the
    source images to make sure! The roof is slightly bent (good Aussie
    trademanship, there!), and yes, it then does have two neatly aligned
    repeating and very similar gables. (Am happy to show source images if
    proof required..)

    The other item is actually the ghost hand near the girl at left of centre.
    Just a bit right and down from that 767 (you prolly thought it was a
    coupla hot pixels)... Got it?
    Mark Thomas, Aug 11, 2008
  7. Mark Thomas

    MJW Guest

    I've read the other posts, so I know what to look
    for! Firstly, another cool pano Mark! Secondly,
    how did the hand appear like that?

    MJW, Aug 14, 2008
  8. Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Thanks, MJ. I'm just doing another city lights one right now, maybe
    post it later (or perhaps I should throw one into the SI?).

    The guy who owns the hand had moved between shots, and as he was wearing
    dark clothing, the stitching algorithm couldn't quite work out what to
    do.. PTGUI and Smartblend try to keep any discrete objects that have
    moved in the seam zone, either in or out of the final image rather than
    fade them, so you can end up with odd things appearing. It would take
    about 2 seconds to either fix at the generation stage, or just clone it
    out, but I couldn't be bothered and thought it looked kinda funny!

    Mark Thomas, Aug 14, 2008
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