Odd sound issue with Firewire output from Canon XL1S

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by James, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. James

    James Guest

    My prior experience with capturing DV off a digital cam has been with a Sony
    Digital 8. Capture with either WinDV or Pinnacle Studio 9. No muss no fuss,
    never had any problems capturing this way.

    Yesterday on my first attempt to capture a program I taped with this Canon
    XL1S using WinDV, I got image but discovered on playback, there was no
    sound. Nada, nuttin'. Opened the file in Soundforge just to make sure it
    wasn't a sound output issue, no waveform - flatline.


    Tried capturing with Pinnacle Studio. Got audio.


    Went back to WinDV, and tried capturing as avi Type I instead of the default
    Type II, this time got audio.


    Pinnacle doesn't recognize Type I avi so it's not useful for me to edit with
    but raised some questions.

    Why would this be? I.e. why would WinDV in Type II mode not recognize DV
    audio input from this cam when Pinnacle Studio does? What would be different
    between this cam and the Sony Digital 8?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    James, Mar 26, 2006
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  2. James, I trust you are well. Hopefully you've gotten that issue worked

    Mine is another. I hope you can help me. i've misplaced my Sony VX1000
    camera instruction book but need to FIREWIRE for the first time. i've
    always gone through my Panasonic deck, AG VX1000. i use premier 6.0 -
    tho it sometimes says 6.1. I have OS 2000 Pro, and the card is
    Pinnacle RT.

    i can't get my settings right on premier. i use this so rarely, and
    don't have chops right now, at all. I'm not monitoring via MOVIE
    CAPTURE, last I tried.

    QUESTION, finally :)

    HOW DO I DO THIS THING? with FIREWIRE.?,,, Do I turn OFF the camera,
    hook it up, then start it? or do I have to have the whole Computer OFF?

    If you know, pls tell me, the sequence... i need to grab some video, to
    pull stills for ebay, etc...


    i have a scusi dr...
    manning.carole, Mar 27, 2006
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  3. James

    James Guest

    If you're asking me specifically, I may only be of limited help. I had that
    Canon XL1S as a loaner for less than 24 hours before getting to use it and
    the only other digital camcorder I'd used is my consumer Sony TV240. Before
    that I'd used 8mm analog cams.

    I've also never used Premier.

    That being said, I'll advise what I'm familiar with, hoping certain things
    are fairly universal. I don't believe you should have to boot the computer
    with the cam hooked up. Once you hook up the Firewire cable with the
    computer running, it should make some sort of *ding*, give you some kind of
    indication on the screen regarding "device found".

    With Pinnacle Studio 9, under the capture screen in DV mode, there's a
    graphic of a generic looking DV camcorder with transport buttons on it,
    which you can control with the mouse and will actually work your cam's
    functions without you having to touch the buttons on the camcorder. When you
    hit "capture", it asks you to assign a file name - I always browse to put it
    in the folder and drive where I want the file to go - and gives you the
    option to assign a time limit, otherwise the time limit is, I believe,
    however much space it calculates the disc has.

    When you hit capture, it automatically starts the cam rolling and about 2 -
    3 secs later begins capturing. WinDV doesn't automatically control the
    camera, you hit capture but have to manually start the camera rolling.
    Better to have the cam rolling first to avoid any dropped frames, which you
    should never get with DV unless your signal is so bad as to be unusable in
    the first place.

    As far as stills, you should be able to capture from either whatever the
    camera is seeing in Cam mode or in VCR mode off video you've captured.
    Overall, you'll probably get marginally better results capturing whatever
    the camera is looking at and being persnickety about focus and lighting, but
    either way, be aware that your pics aren't going to come even close to those
    of a dedicated digital still camera of even mediocre quality. With many ebay
    items, capturing through a camcorder should be good enough though, that's
    how I always take my eBay pics. I've found that the better the lighting -
    intense without overexposing - the better the pic is going to look.
    James, Mar 27, 2006
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