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Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Mike Russell, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Mike Russell

    Mike Russell Guest

    [re recovery of photos]
    Recovery programs generally scan the card or hard drive, looking for blocks
    of data that look like they belong to an image.
    The specific internals are proprietary, but I imagine these programs can
    locate data that has been lost, as well as recover from certain data errors.
    For example if the length of the file is wrong, there may be additional data
    available on the raw disk image. Or it may be possible to recover from
    missing blocks of tagged data, if the remainder of the image is intact.
    I'd recommend that you run the eval version of one of the programs and see
    if it finds any images. Here's PhotoRescue's free download - as I said I
    have not done a survey, and there are other excellent data recovery
    programs. I do recommend that you use one that is specifically designed to
    recover images. Don't forget to re-scan the original flash card - images
    can hang around there for months if you do not fill the card.
    Mike Russell, Mar 1, 2008
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  2. Mike Russell

    tja Guest

    After a hard disk crash I`ll found a few jpeg`s. But I`ll can`t open them.
    There is still information in 3,70 mb for example, but it`s not possible to
    open the icon.
    does somebody know what kind of possibilties there are left??

    tja, Mar 1, 2008
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  3. Mike Russell

    Mike Russell Guest

    Hi Harry,

    Use a data recovery program, preferably one that is designed to find images.
    I've used PhotoRescue in the past with good success, and there are other
    good products. Generally you can download a demo version that will show you
    what it thinks it can recover, after which you can decide whether to buy or
    Mike Russell, Mar 1, 2008
  4. Ooooh. Great question. I'm gonna watch this one for replies, as I've had
    similar problems in the past and could never find a solution.
    \(not quite so\) Fat Sam, Mar 1, 2008
  5. Mike Russell

    Joel Guest

    Well, it's pretty hard to give any any specific answer, but in general.

    1. You may try to use some type of DATA Recovery program see if you can
    recover the delated data. But the util may be able to recover the delete,
    but may not be able to undo the damaged? But I may be wrong and you can
    always hope for the best.

    2. Now we may need to use different technique. As most of Photoshop users
    know Photoshop is a Photo Editor *not* Photo Viewer so its requirement is
    more than Photo Viewer, or it may refuse to open the damaged or renamed

    So, you may try to open the damaged photo with a regular Image Viewer,
    then SAVE to whatever format you want. Then Photoshop should be able to
    open it.

    3. Next time, try to save to CD or DVD.
    Joel, Mar 1, 2008
  6. Mike Russell

    catfish Guest

    try opening with Irfanview - sometimes this will work.
    catfish, Mar 1, 2008
  7. Mike Russell

    Joel Guest

    I have heard of PhotoRescue nearly a decade or so ago, but never used it
    myself to know how well it works. But my understanding that it can recover
    the deleted photo, and read/copy photo can't be copy/read using Windows
    Explorer or regular File Manager etc..

    But I wonder if it can recover the damaged (*not* deleted) photo? What I
    have in mind that "Can't Read" is some type of directory problem, when
    "Damged" is *part* of DATA been destroyed or changed.

    Or the Data Rescue can rescue the complete DATA *but* a small part of data
    seems pretty tough (I am just guessing).
    Joel, Mar 1, 2008
  8. Mike Russell

    Joel Guest

    That makes me wonder how the program know the difference between modified
    vs damaged etc.. And as I said I know and believe some util can recover the
    deleted, formatted because the information is still there (unless it's
    overwritten by newer data), but damaged JPG is damaged to Graphic Viewer
    *but* not to File Manager. This makes me wonder, but I am only guessing.
    As I have mentioned that I have heard about PhotoRescue more/less a decade
    ago when it was first released to public, the author posted the info and
    link to the Digital Camera group (I stop monitoring for 6-7+ years now),
    then I see more and more of similar popping out in recent years (even some
    memory card company even have their own version, some come free with the
    memory card). Yes, I have downloaded some of them 2-3 times but I have
    never had any problem to try any of them yet. And yes, I have heard some
    successed reports from several, but they were either can't read or deleted
    etc. but not damaged which can be read/copied but doesn't display right.
    Joel, Mar 2, 2008
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