old dog with Maxxum 9000 wants new love

Discussion in 'Photography' started by WDS, May 8, 2007.

  1. WDS

    WDS Guest

    I want to do some reading. I loved my Maxxum 9000 and bought lots of
    accessories for it over the years. I've also bought a few cheap digital
    cameras which I hate. The digital cameras have terribly slow shutter
    speeds, and a terribly long latency on the capture.

    Where could I learn about an SLR digital camera that I'd be happy with?
    ....and maybe keep some of my Maxxum gadgets useful? For example, what is
    the "normal" lens size on some of these digital SLRs? There's a lot I need
    to learn, but wonder where to learn it?

    thanks for your help. This old dog ain't done hunting yet.
    WDS, May 8, 2007
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  2. WDS

    Alex Monro Guest

    Konica Minolta got taken over by Sony a year or so ago, and the Sony
    alpha 100 DSLR accepts the Minolta AF lenses. I don't know what other
    accessories might be compatible.

    I believe the Sony has a crop factor of 1.5, i.e. the diagonal of the
    sensor is about 2/3 the diagonal of a 35mm film frame, so a normal lens,
    giving a field of view similar to a 45mm lens on a 35mm film camera, is
    about 30mm. This means you tend to get a bit more depth of field on
    a digital SLR than you'd be used to at equivalent angle of view and
    aperture on a film SLR.

    You might find some of the tutorials here helpful:

    Alex Monro, May 10, 2007
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  3. WDS

    WDS Guest

    Thank you. It will be interesting to see what Sony does with the Maxxum
    line. Up to now, I've avoided Sony because of those proprietary memory
    sticks. It would break my heart if Sony forced us to use those. Suddenly,
    I'd have a very low opinion of the Maxxum line.

    When I hear people describe their love of the Maxxum 9, it matches what I
    feel for the Maxxum 9000. I took some really good pictures in under really
    hurried conditions with that camera. I look forward to discovering a
    digital camera that does the same.
    WDS, May 12, 2007
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