Old film camera with motor drive fills the bill

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Ken Rosenbaum, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. I still use and enjoy some of the venerable oldies that proved their
    worth over the years. A prime reason why I still have a Nikon FE and an
    MD-11 motor drive in my closet of goodies was yesterday's events.
    In the newsroom of the Toledo Blade at 3 p.m., we were awaiting news of
    the winners of the Pulitzer Prizes in journalism. The Blade was a finalist,
    with the New York Times and Washington Post, in the coveted category of best
    investigative reporting. We thought we had a good chance, having been a
    runner-up four years earlier.
    A numer of reporters and editors had digital P&S gear in their hands when
    the word came down. I, however, wanted to capture the facial expressions and
    reactions of the three guys who were on the writing team as they got the
    word. I needed a fast motor drive, not just the winder of my Nikon 8008s or
    my 6006, or even the Winder A2 of my Canons.
    The moment called for fast film, a fast motor drive, an f1.4 lens, and no
    flash. And manual settings that wouldn't be skewed by lights from TV
    Clearly, a digital P&S which so many buddies tote these days, couldn't
    fire a burst of a dozen to 20 frames at the critical moment. Oh, the
    high-end digital stuff, which a staff shooter was using, could probably pull
    off the trick. But most of my pals have replaced their film gear with
    affordable digital equipment that just can't do what I wanted at the moment.
    Needless to say, the Blade was announced the winner over the big boys,
    and I was never happer with what I was using at the time. The newsroom
    erupted, the winning team punmped their fists in the air, and I captured it
    all with a few bursts of the motor drive.
    I had a P&S film camera in my pocket, just in case something happened
    while I was loading fresh film, but I never needed it. One roll of 800-speed
    was sufficient for the crucial moment. A second roll was shot as the
    champagne flowed.
    I can look through the 72 negs and pick the couple that tell the story I
    want to tell. Then, if I choose, I can go the digital route from that point.
    I may use a digital camera that I can afford for my photo hobby (I no
    longer make a living from it, just an occasional buck), but you'll never pry
    my old film equipment from my sweaty hands.
    Ken Rosenbaum, Apr 6, 2004
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  2. Ken Rosenbaum

    Lewis Lang Guest

    Subject: Old film camera with motor drive fills the bill
    Hi Ken:

    Congratulations on the win! Doesn't the 8008s have about a 3 f.p.s. motordrive
    built into it - wouldn't that be fast enough to capture any action (or
    sequence) you might want? Same question goes for the 6006...

    P.S. - Sweat enough and nobody will want to pry anything from your hands ;-).
    Lewis Lang, Apr 6, 2004
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