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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by MJW, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. MJW

    MJW Guest

    My wife & I were going through some boxes today,
    that never got sorted when we moved house, and
    came across 7 rolls of film that we never got
    developed! We estimate these rolls to have been
    taken between 10-15 years ago, some are in black
    canisters & they all have spent their life in a
    dark closet! :)

    I'm wondering, would we still be able to get them
    developed? Or would the film be too old? Its kind
    of exciting to think what may be on them!

    MJW, Dec 21, 2008
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  2. MJW

    Mark Thomas Guest

    That's a long time for exposed film...
    A cold closet with lead lining perhaps? )O: Cause otherwise age/heat
    and background gamma radiation has been steadily degrading them..
    As for getting them developed, almost certainly yes - pretty much every
    colour print film is/was C-41, most slide films are/were E-6 and those
    services are still readily available. Kodachrome would have to go back
    to the USA - there's only one place left that processes it I think, but
    it should be pre-paid. Or is it black and white?

    I would still get them developed - you'll never know unless you try and
    you might be lucky. Just keep your expectations low. At the very least
    I would expect severe fading and color problems - exposed film doesn't
    last that well, sadly, and slide film tends to be worse than print for a
    given speed/brand. What film/s (and speeds) are they? If they are all
    the same, why not just try one first...

    And if they *are* slide films, make sure you give them to someone who
    knows what they are doing - tell them and *label* them! Given the
    smaller number of films processed these days, some operators just chuck
    them into the systems without checking/knowing.

    PS - I hate to ask this, but... they are *exposed*, ie no tongue hanging
    out? (O: Of course I've never done anything that silly....

    Please report back on what results you get, MJ. There are not many
    anecdotes around.
    Mark Thomas, Dec 21, 2008
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  3. MJW

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Mark Thomas, Dec 21, 2008
  4. MJW

    MJW Guest

    Damn, thought so.
    Nup, nothing like that.
    Its all C-41 like you say, and ranges from Fuji
    Superia, to Kodak Gold II & III & Kodak Max.
    That might be the shot, will look into it!
    Ha, nup all fully tucked into the roll canister
    Yep for sure! I think I will have a go, cause i
    know one of them was taken at an ice-sculpture
    exhibition at Darling Harbour years ago!

    MJW, Dec 21, 2008
  5. MJW

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Was Max an 800 ISO film? If so it is probably toast. Higher speed ones
    will degrade the most. But still do it. It will be interesting to see
    which ones lasted best. I'm betting you will get some results, but not
    with usable colour.

    If they are blank, you won't get charged much - maybe they will even do
    it for free - some services used to do that.
    Cool! I look forward to hearing what happens, hope it isn't too depressing.
    Mark Thomas, Dec 21, 2008
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