Old Flash guns for your dig?

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Jacek Gonsalves, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought i'd share this as I think it'll save your camera if your using
    old flash guns which have high voltages on your cameras.

    I have a Canon Eos30 and an old Metz 60-CT1 flash. I measured the
    voltage on the flash and it gave me 7.5 volts. Canon states that the
    voltage has to be less than 6volts.
    I wanted the metz flash to be attached to the EOS via a hotshoe/sync
    adapter...but the 6volts would fry the camera circuits(well probably
    over a certain period of time)...
    Wein a manufacturer that produces voltage regulated sync/hotshoe
    adapters that down grade any voltage from a flash to 6volts. They are
    located in the US they dont have any distributors in OZ but only NZ.
    Thought I might take this path but it would take too long to get, plus
    from what i've read the Wein voltage regulated hotshoe has a tendency of
    failing after a while?

    Anyhow I wanted the metz to be attached via a bracket to the EOS at all
    all times. I didnt want the piddly little onboard flash to fire as well
    as the metz, as I use a diffuser on the metz flash head.
    I purchased one of these small slaves with optical sensor that has a
    sync cord socket, which the metz is attached to. I used some developed
    unexposed E6 and taped it on the ONBOARD flash of the camera.
    Mounted the sensor infront of the onboard flash on the EOS camera(looks
    a bit dodgy)..
    When you click the camera the onboard flash fires, you see a very dim
    purplish haze if you look at the onboard flash. But what this does is
    let the optical slave knows that the camera has been clicked and that
    fires the metz! :) So the only flash output that comes up on the film
    will be from the Metz (an easier exposure to control).
    The optical sensor must be picking up IR light from the onboard flash...

    I havent got a digital camera as yet I was wondering what happens with
    the flash that has the E6 film, as I know that the CCD in them are able
    to pick up the IR light. Has anyone tried shooting digital in the dark
    with an IR filter on the flash or lens?

    Probaby everyone knows about this but its my tid bit for the week :)
    Jacek Gonsalves, Aug 15, 2004
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  2. Jacek Gonsalves

    Miro Guest

    All you need is an isolation device and you can use the simplest method-
    direct connection.
    Miro, Aug 16, 2004
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