Old Minolta Rokkor lens on EOS DSRL APS-C body !

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by mauro.placido, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm interested to use my Rokkor lens on a modern CANON EOS DSRL (with
    APS-C sensor).

    I know that the distance between the sensor and the focal plane is
    43.5mm on Minolta MC mount and is 44m on CANON EOS mount. This
    difference between
    two register is only 0,5mm.

    So I'm not interested about the possibility to make a ring (or adapter)
    to connect my Minolta Lens on EOS boby but (I know that is not
    possible...) , but I'm interested about the possibility to dismount the
    EOS flange (and if it is necessary also the electrical connector) on
    the EOS body and to sobstitute it with the Minolta's flange in order to
    connect correctly the lens. Then, of course, will be necessary to
    adjust the distance from the Minolta ring to sensor plane in order to
    achieve the rigth infinity focus.

    The only suspect that I have ... is about the risk that the botton of
    Minolta Lens (and in particular...the aperture pin) could touch the
    mirror ... or interface with mirror box !
    But I also think that the solution could be to remove the elettrical
    connector on EOS Body too ...!

    This solution is reversable because it is verry easy to return to the
    original EOS mount.

    What do you think ?

    Thanksv for advice,
    mauro.placido, Dec 3, 2006
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  2. mauro.placido

    Colin_D Guest

    Why would you *want* to do that? The old Rokkor isn't that startling a
    performer for you to go to that trouble, surely?

    Buy a Canon 50mm F/1.8 for a hundred or so dollars, fits, focuses,
    autoexposes, and is just as sharp as your Rokkor - and you don't have to
    perform major surgery on your camera.

    Colin D.
    Colin_D, Dec 3, 2006
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  3. I agree with Colin. I've had a Rokkor lens on my old Minolta and it
    performed good, nothing that would knock your socks off. You are way
    better off to go for the Canon Lenses. Why put a great camera through
    helensilverburg, Dec 3, 2006
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