Olympus 5050 RAW file recovery from corrupted CF card

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Alfred Molon, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. Alfred Molon

    Alfred Molon Guest

    For those who are interested, some information on how to recover Olympus
    5050 RAW images from a corrupted memory card. This procedure works if
    the CF card only contains RAW images:

    1. If the card is unreadable, format it in a card reader or PCMCIA slot:
    use only the Quick format option, to make sure that only the FAT gets

    2. Use a tool to create an image of the memory card. The image is a file
    with a size of the memory card capacity, which contains the entire data
    of the memory card, sector by sector. I used JPEGDUMP by Kurt Stege
    (freeware available at http://www.goto.onlinehome.de/dsc/jpegdump.htm),
    but you can use anything else which will create an image of the card.
    With JPEGDUMP the command to copy the card's content is:

    jpegdump -copy \\.\d: card.ima

    Assuming the card is seen as drive D: in your computer (if the letter is
    another one, use that). This will copy the card's content into the file
    card.ima in the directory where JPEGDUMP resides. Note: you must open a
    DOS window to run JPEGDUMP (under XP, go to Start -> Execute and type

    3. Open the file card.ima with a text editor or hex editor and look for
    the text string "IIRS" - this marks the beginning of a RAW image. I used
    TextPad, but any other editor should be fine.

    4. With the text editor delete the part of card.ima which comes before
    the first occurrence of "IIRS" and save card.ima.

    5. In card.ima RAW files have a size of 7471104 bytes. All you have to
    do is split card.ima into chunks the size of 7471104 bytes. To split the
    card.ima I've used the Dariolius file splitting software at

    6. Rename the files you obtain to xxxxx.ORF and you're done.

    a. I couldn't find tools which would automatically recover Olympus 5050
    RAW files. Even PC Inspector Smart Recovery by Convar, which does have
    an .ORF option, is unable to recover 5050 RAW files (I guess it works
    with E10 or E20 RAW files).

    b. This works when all images on the card are RAW. If the card contains
    a mix of RAW and JPEG files, you may have to split manually card.ima
    manually into chunks.

    c. RAW files which come out of the camera have a size of 7458816 bytes,
    i.e. are 12 KByte smaller. The files you obtained by splitting card.ima
    are larger because they contain also the .THM files. In any case the
    plugin of Photoshop can work with the files obtained by splitting
    Alfred Molon, Sep 16, 2003
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