Olympus asking for $19.95 to puchase License

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by nesredep egrob, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. I bought an E300 Professional DSLR in September-October last year. I get to know
    that there are firmware updates that I have not been told of. Naturally I try to
    download those to get my camera to be on par with the latests.

    The snag is that one has to buy a license valued $19.95 to be able to download.
    That indicates what value Olympus puts on comsumer goodwill. I know it is a
    measly sum hardly worth arguing about but then after having spent $2100 with the
    local Olympus dealer, just what are Olympus Imaging thinking of.

    I feel quite sorry now that I did not buy the Canon I was after in the first
    place - the salesman got on about the dust removal facility and I trusted him -
    what a fool I feel.

    B.Pedersen Latitude -31,48.21 Longitude115,47.40 Time=GMT+8.00
    If you are curious look here http://www.mapquest.com/maps/latlong.adp
    nesredep egrob, Jul 23, 2005
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  2. nesredep egrob

    Stacey Guest

    Actually it's a consumer dSLR but..
    Just open the free supplied master software and find the "update camera"
    option, the update is free. So is the update for the master software and a
    OM lens adapter as well if you ask them for one. There is a firmware update
    for a couple of the lenses and the 1.4X converter as well.
    I have no idea why you think you have to spend any money or what this fee is
    you're talking about. Conect the camera, click on a menu item in their free
    master software and the software installs the FREE firmware into the
    Ah here we go, another canon user trolling.. Or is it an canon employee?
    Stacey, Jul 23, 2005
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  3. I am aware of the software update - does not concern me a lot as I mainly use
    photoshop and get my pictures via a card readers. How is it that when you are
    really wanting the firmware update it takes you straight to the License payment
    and does not download the 9.73Mb update.
    No I am a straight S1 canon user.

    For your information, my stats are:
    Win 2000, Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz
    1 Gb memory,ADSL
    200+200 GB of disc, Oly C2100,Optio S, Canon S1, Sony 355E , Oly E300
    Burners CD and DVD (Sony make)
    Borge Pedersen :)
    Perth, Australia
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    nesredep egrob, Jul 23, 2005
  4. nesredep egrob

    Stacey Guest

    Because you are trying to do the firmware update WRONG. You don't -download-
    anything, you use the olympus software to update the firmware directly from
    within the software. You say the olympus software (and update of it)
    doesn't concern you yet it's the ONLY way you can install firmware updates!
    I too never use this software but you must have it to install firmware

    I think what you have stumbled onto with the $19.95 price is an "extra
    feature" version of the master software that you don't need or even
    want.Even if you paid it, you still can't download the firmware update,
    that isn't how it works.

    Here is what you need to do to get the firmware update (if you read the
    software manual/PDF it explains this....)

    Install the FREE olympus master software from the disk that came with the
    camera. Probably would be a good idea to select "update software" and let
    this software update itself.

    Remove the CF card, connect the camera via USB and select "storage" or "PC"
    depending on what version of firmware you have in the camera now. I think
    only the original V1.0 has the "PC" and "print" options, the later versions
    have "storage", "print" and an additional "control" option.

    Open the master software and select the menu item "Update camera" and
    follow the on screen prompts. Make sure the battery is charged and if you
    have a software firewall, that it allows this software access to the web.

    There is nothing you have to pay to do this. You DON'T download anything,
    you don't update the firmware via CF card like some other models, it's done
    via USB on this camera. Again the manuals and the olympus web site explains
    all of this..


    Stacey, Jul 23, 2005
  5. nesredep egrob

    Stacey Guest

    Again with this camera you don't "download" a firmware update, it's an
    automated FREE procedure done via the olympus software.
    Stacey, Jul 23, 2005
  6. I have version 1.21 as that was updated yesterday when I re-installed because of
    a new motherboard.

    From Top and down there is 7 Choices. first is Upgrade. That reminds you of your
    name and requests the License Number or GET. Get will ask you where you live and
    tells you that you can buy the license number.

    After that you get further choices like Trsansfer Images, Backup Images, Browse
    Images, Online Print, Print Images at Home, Create and Share. While I was
    lookiing around for the Camera Update, I saw some very small print at the bottom
    of the License page, saying contact us which I did with the following:

    I require to update my E300 that I bought in September/October last year. I do
    not seem to be able to do so without paying $ 19.95 for a license which I think
    is a liberty. I spent $2100 on a camera which is now below merchandable quality
    - please repsond TODAY or I might take the dealer to the Consumer Protection
    Office for government action through them.

    Borge Pedersen.

    I shall let you know the response and also have words with the dealer tomorrow.
    nesredep egrob, Jul 24, 2005
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