Olympus bodies and lenses for sale

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by richard vanek, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Offering for sale:

    - Olympus body OM-2n (www.piskoftak.com/sale0.phtml)
    - Olympus body OM-2sp (www.piskoftak.com/sale1.phtml)
    - Zuiko 28/2.8 (www.piskoftak.com/sale2.phtml)
    - Zuiko 50/1.4 (www.piskoftak.com/sale3.phtml)
    - Zuiko 85/2.0 (www.piskoftak.com/sale4.phtml)

    I used this equipment for about two years for all my work in years of
    2003-2004. So almost every picture on my site with name 2003* or 2004* is
    made using this nice Olympus photography equipment.

    All stuff is in very good working conditions and only reason I am selling it
    that I do use my Nikon stuff. I find it pity that my Olympus equipment is

    I have also some OM System books and some user guides in printed form. Also
    few filters, eye cup and hot shoe. please contact me with any questions and
    look to linked pages for more information and pictures.

    Shipping almost everywhere. I am situated in Europe. I accept bank transfer
    in EU and PayPal otherwise.
    richard vanek, Jul 23, 2006
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  2. richard vanek

    POTD.com.au Guest

    Prices would be handy.

    The elements look a little blotchy in the pix.... are they clear of fungus
    or is that a cloudy sky reflected in them that I am looking at?
    POTD.com.au, Jul 24, 2006
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  3. Hi,
    I take offers, so I do not specify price. I am not going after highest but
    after good offer.
    Lens are completely clear no fungus nothing, perfect. Common! I was using
    them for my photography in 2003-2004 and sometimes 2005. You can see my work
    at www.piskoftak.com any picture which has url
    www.piskoftak.com/photo/2003-* or .../2004-* is made by these lenses. Take a
    look at www.piskoftak.com/gallery/

    I am honest with you and I do not want make big money on these. As I wrote I
    use Nikon gear now and having this OM system just sitting here. It is
    perfect for night shots thanks to the great unique OM system light
    measurement. I use this OM system last time this year when I was working on
    my night mood project which I exposed in April. Take a look at
    www.piskoftak.com/project/night/ and www.piskoftak.com/experiment/203/

    You can read more about me at www.piskoftak.com/about.phtml
    richard vanek, Jul 24, 2006
  4. richard vanek, Aug 13, 2006
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