Olympus C-750 C-740 C-765 C-770 Hd Lens & Filter Set

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Wilba, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Wilba

    Wilba Guest

    Wilba, Feb 19, 2007
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  2. Be *very* afraid.

    1. How do they manage to get an ad like that past consumer laws,
    implying the stuff is Olympus, when it really just *fits* a number of
    Olympus cameras?

    2. These kits are often *very* poor quality optically. The tele
    converter may be usable, but the wide angle will almost certainly give
    you such a boatload of CA and softness you may as well shoot through a

    Save your money, buy the Olympus equivalents (which are much better),
    and only buy what you need. Do you really want an FLD or UV filter?

    I have tried several of these sort of kits for various prosumers, most
    recently on my Fuji S9500.. but have chucked them all and settled on a
    Konica-Minolta 1.5x teleconverter (excellent), and an Olympus WCON-08B
    (very good, I hear the 07 may be better), both of which are
    immeasurably better than those kits.

    Make sure you get appropriate adapters that don't put too much load on
    the lens assembly.

    Having said all that, if you only display on the screen or print to
    7x5, they *might* be good enough..
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 19, 2007
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  3. Wilba

    Wilba Guest

    I was. :)
    Wow, that's interesting ... I only ever interpretted it to mean that the kit
    fits Olympus cameras, but you're right, without any other branding the
    gullible could think it was actually made by Olympus. I found something the
    other night that suggested the kit is made by Sekar or Seker or something
    like that.
    Yeah, that's what I'd expect.
    Wouldn't mind a polariser occasionally, and I'd like to see what I can get
    in the way of a skylight for lens protection, but yeah, a lot of a kit like
    that I wouldn't use.
    I'm more often frustrated by the limits of my lens at the short end than at
    the long end, so more wideness (width?) would be good. The WCON-07 would be
    the one for me, but for around $240 online (with the adapter), I couldn't
    really justify it.
    How well do they attach without a thread?
    I don't think so. Thanks for the confirmation. :)
    Wilba, Feb 19, 2007
  4. Agreed - an essential part of my kit!
    Never been a fan of more glass in front of zoom lenses, and I've never
    damaged a front element in over 30 years (including some fairly hairy
    situations). But I don't mind either way.

    I bought my 08 on Ebay, seemingly new in box, for about $100, so I was
    pretty chuffed.

    The other problem is that you may be a little shocked at the bulk..
    These are big pieces of glass. If you can get to some camera stores,
    see if you can experiment with some different ones - one thing I have
    noticed is that some designs work better with some zooms than others.
    The best on my Fuji may not be the same for you. Have you checked out
    the Raynox range? Some of their stuff is pretty good, but their
    cheapies are almost as bad as the no-brand ones.. Generally the two
    element ones will give dramatically better results.

    Lastly, don't expect miracles - even the best wa converter is going to
    give you a few problems (mostly CA that gets so intense you will be
    cropping it away, and losing the advantage you gained!)
    Not quite sure what you mean - I presume your camera doesn't have a
    front thread, only that sleeve thingy? If so, that method is your
    only option, for these large/heavy lenses.

    Both my prosumers have front threads, but one of them recommends that
    I use the sleeve type attachment instead. I ignore that advice, but
    only with great care not to use the zoom and making sure the lens is
    well supported.
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 20, 2007
  5. Wilba

    Wilba Guest

    I mean protection in the sense of cleaning the filter rather than the lens.
    That doesn't surprise me. They look dainty in the photos. :)
    No. Just starting to sniff around in half-hearted way (don't really want to
    spend any money :). I'll check it, thanks.
    Yeah. :-(
    Yep, no thread. You're not helping me get enthusiastic about the idea. :)
    Wilba, Feb 21, 2007
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