Olympus digital E10 question again

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Peter EICENS, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Peter EICENS

    Peter EICENS Guest

    Trying to keep posting short and easy to read.

    Olympus E10, good / bad or otherwise?

    Same as above but is it worth a grand?

    I know there are "better" digital "SLR" cameras out there, but they all
    are much more in dollars.

    The Canon 300D comes the closest at around $1800, still thats 800 more
    than the Olympus.

    I know they are better in many ways, but would the olympus still be an
    OK camera for me, the average joe.

    One thing I find appealing about the E10 is the build, being apparantly
    solid, where as the 300D, to keep costs down uses plastic. Also the
    fact I don't have to use li Ion batterys.

    Now.. I realise theres good and bad in everything, but would the E10
    again be sufficieint to take a few "action" shots, ie my sone riding his
    Peewee or kicking a footy etc etc, also from review the E10 is has a
    very fast. almost nil (milliseconds shutter lag) Then again anything
    would be better than my Ricoh RDC 5300.

    I suppose I'm asking, if you were to spend a grand what sort of camera
    digital camera would you suggest.

    and is the Olympus really bad and should be steered away from?

    Appreciate any feedback.
    Peter EICENS, Nov 11, 2003
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  2. Peter EICENS

    Henrik Guest


    what you are buying in to with a SLR camera is a lens system and you have to
    decide if the manufactor can offer what you are looking for.

    If you get the E10, it is kind of a dead end! that is no more to spend a
    part from a few bits adn bobs

    when you get into real SLR's there is an endless (well for canon there is
    over 50 lenses to choose from) choise of lenses and bobs! Nikon, Pentax and
    Kodak is the same.

    So when you get your $1800 Canon camera you will only have this 18-50mm or
    whatever it is lens and it is time to really spend some money :) because as
    you soon will find out, is that the lense often cost more then the camera
    will some lense anyway :) and some cameras not :)

    I would go for the SLR camera, not the point and shoot Oly! I know people
    that have been really happy with their Olympus...untill they got a real SLR
    and realized what was shortcomings in their view!
    I wouldn't even give it to my 5 year old! :)...hmm, maybe that wasn't such
    a bad idea! she could use it....ohh I am rambling here, it must be the heat!

    Go get the 300D and get over with it, come back again when you got some
    questions about how to use it!


    Henrik, Nov 11, 2003
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  3. Peter EICENS

    Ubiquitous Guest

    Olympus E10... fairly average. The thing that would limit you the most is
    the ISO speed. It has very bad noise and is limited to ISO 320. The 300D
    goes all the way up to 1600! and ISO 800 is very very usable and is probably
    quite comparable to ISO 320 on the E10. That means that you have almost 3
    times the speed in terms of shutter speed, anyway. That is just as important
    for action photography as shutter lag is. That said, the E10 does have a
    wide aperture, f/2, whereas the lens that comes with the 300D is nowhere
    near that.

    I think the E10 would do the job, albeit with a lot of noise. It really
    depends, like hendrik said, whether you want to buy more lenses, in which
    case the 300D would be better. But then you start looking at serious bucks.
    Ubiquitous, Nov 11, 2003
  4. Peter EICENS

    Adam F Guest

    You could order the bare 300D from the US for a little over a grand and use
    a 28/2.8, or buy a new Minolta A1 (with stabilisation!) for ~$1200.

    Adam F
    Adam F, Nov 11, 2003
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