Olympus E300 - Hidden Treasure?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Pix on Canvas, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Annoyed with 20Ds that only switch on when they feel like it.
    Peeved that a 1D with 24-70 "L" lens, a 580 Speedlite and battery grip
    is too heavy to use for an all day shoot - hell, it's a handful for a 2
    hour shoot!

    Unwilling to buy more Nikon gear for the same weight issue... I bought a
    few Olympus E300's for the annual Santa shoots. "Ladies cameras" was the
    first unkind comment when they arrived! Well? Santa's pixels are female!

    I optioned one of them with a battery grip and 35 speedlight. It still
    hasn't gone anywhere near the weight of a Fully laden 1D or 20D yet has
    the same image size. These cameras are selling now for well under $1000
    AUD. Are they in the same arena as the 20D? Or even the D70 Nikon?

    I truly can't say this early in the ownership but I can tell you the
    sensor noise thing is a non issue when you use a program like the under
    $50 "neat Image" and the flash metering is something Canon really should
    learn from.

    I'll have to make my own external flash battery system but this is a
    small price to pay for one that actually meters properly. The other very
    noticeable thing is the "Kit" lens is a much better lens than most Canon
    USM lenses and most certainly leaves the 20D's 'kit' lens in the dust.

    The first few pics are here: http://www.technoaussie.com/gallery/Oly-pics
    The "porcelain rose" has not been 'doctored'. The exposure metering in
    ETTL mode with a mini soft box on the flash is absolutely spot on, as
    this shot shows.

    I sat the vase and flower on a white table cloth and drew the curtain
    behind it. Light enough to read a newspaper. The camera pulled exposure
    on the flower... Perfect. Never been able to do this with a Canon flash
    on a 10D, 20D or 1D. The rest will be a process of discovery.
    Pix on Canvas, Sep 28, 2005
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