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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Chuck Chunder, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Chuck Chunder

    Ron Guest

    I've had a 300 for almost a year. Among the things I like are its
    overall build quality, which gives me a both a good grip and high
    comfort level when attaching rather heavy lenses to it. Reports of
    metering problems are a bit overblown. One has to be careful when
    shooting a subject that has a very bright light in it (like the
    headlight on a train), but other than that it is generally very

    I commonly shoot nightime sports events at ISO 800 and do not find the
    noise at all objectionable and easily fixed with any number of cleaning
    programs. The 14-45 kit lens is very good, but not brilliant and I
    occasionally regret not purchasing the 14-54, though the money saved
    will go for one that gives me a wider angle. In fact, I find the
    built-in lens on my 5 megapix 5060 to be a bit sharper, or at least it
    seems that way.

    Though I wear glasses I have no problems with the viewfinder. I have a
    set of Pentax K lenses which I use on it (with an overpriced adapter).
    They work extremely well -- no problem at all with manual focus once
    the diopter is set very, very accurately.

    Interestingly, the question in my mind is not comparing the 300 to the
    500, but my 300 to my 5060, which is an utterly brilliant performer and
    much more suitable for the kind of heavy traveling I do. With
    conversion lenses one can slip in a pocket it has incredible range and
    I find it works very well even at ISO200. If I had to chose between
    the two for a desert island there wouldn't be much hair left on my

    All in all a good camera. I haven't seen the 500. I'm sure its much
    larger lcd would be welcome
    Ron, Dec 3, 2005
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